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Not a proper gateway

Wal-Mart needs to start watching its own commercials. If the giant corporation really cares about community, it would propose a building we could all be proud of.

Since Wal-Mart isn't watching out for us, we call upon our City Council members to responsibly plan for the future of our city. More traffic, more sprawl and more low-wage jobs is not a proper gateway to Medford's future. ' Diane Yarrish, Citizens for Responsible Development, Medford

Legislature non-functional

For those who missed the March 9 guest opinion, here is a quick summary of the clarification of why our state Legislature is non-functional. We should make our Legislature nonpartisan. Primary elections would consist of a single contest open to all; the top two vote-getters would advance to the general election, party labels would not appear on the ballot.

State Sen. Charlie Ringo, D-Beaverton, with co-sponsor State Rep. Cliff Zauner, R-Woodburn, will have a ballot initiative which will prepare a spot for your signature and fully explain how our present system makes it impossible for our state to function. ' Hattie-Lee Gorman, Medford

Plover claims inaccurate

Recently there have been many inaccurate descriptions incorrectly characterizing the state's proposals to protect snowy plovers. In particular, false claims abound that large portions of the coast will be closed to all activities all of the time.

This is not correct. Snowy plover and other wildlife protection will not significantly impact existing coastal access.

— The snowy plover plan focuses on certain emphasis areas only, not the entire coast. Those areas with no nesting plovers would primarily restrict dogs and street-legal vehicles seasonally to not harass the birds (mid-March through mid-September). Private fireworks and off-highway vehicle use is already not allowed in these particular areas. Nor is beach camping allowed adjacent to state parks.

For those areas with nesting plovers, restrictions would primarily direct recreationists to the wet sand, where most people prefer to walk anyway, and thus avoid the plovers' more sensitive dry sand habitats. ' Wendell Wood, Southern Oregon field representative, Oregon Natural Resources Council, Brookings

We need Wal-Mart

I want a Wal-Mart Supercenter anywhere in Medford. This town is growing and a Wal-Mart Supercenter is what we need.

People are still poor here; they need a place where it is affordable to shop. Places like Fred Meyer are so expensive I am surprised that it has been going as strong as it has.

Most people I talk to want this Wal-Mart. It is a shame small-town people want to fight it. But I do know that I worked for Wal-Mart at one time and I loved my job there; they treat you fairly, they are a good company to work for and they will give this small town some more work which we need to bring more people in.

I know the towns around here don't want to grow, but it will happen whether they want it or not. So I say give it a rest and let Wal-Mart Supercenter in. Open your minds. ' Erica Friend, Medford

Remember the direction

Doesn't anyone remember the direction the shrub took after 9-11? Answer: Fleeing to the safety of Louisiana first, then Nebraska, rather than heading to the District of Columbia or New York to comfort the victims. Only after it was safe did he return to D.C. Could anyone see Teddy Roosevelt or Truman doing that?

Now he's the wartime' president! Invading Iraq is similar to your neighbor committing a murder, then hanging you for it.

We know he is a liar, thus him trying to take credit as a wartime hero fits the pattern. He is a draft-dodger, just like all who joined the Guard, or reserves, during Vietnam. Dan Quayle, another example.

Clinton, at least, demonstrated against the war. If the shoe fits, wear it. ' John Holseth, Phoenix

Justice for victims, too

I would like to respond to the letter written by S. Lopez. How dare she tell me to open my eyes and mind to find my daughter's killer? She needs to live my life for the past 23 months; then she can make such a comment. She has no idea what it's like sitting in the courtroom and listening to your child being bashed.

I have nothing but respect for Mark Huddleston and the district attorney's office. He is an honorable man and didn't need the Repp trial to make a name for himself.

She says Gary Repp's life will never be the same; what about my family? Repp walked out of jail on March 1, able to continue living his life. My daughter and her unborn baby's ashes lie in a cemetery. She will never get to see her sons grow up.

The problem with the trial was not Huddleston, but a judicial system that allows the victim to be dragged through the mud, but nothing can be said about a defendant's prior bad acts. Now I know why victims are afraid to come forward. Look at the Kobe Bryant case!

I say, justice for all, even the victim. ' JoeAnn Johnson, Medford

The only logical tenant

In response to the article about the search for possible tenants of the Carnegie Library Building; (Medford will seek tenants for Carnegie building, March 5, 2004), I believe the only logical tenant for such a historical landmark is the Southern Oregon Historical Society. They specialize in the preservation of our local history, and could do nothing but good for this beautiful structure. Another benefit of SOHS moving into the old library is that they will be moving out of some of the most valuable, and demanded office and retail space in downtown Medford. This opportunity coupled with the renovation of the historical Cuthbert building right across the street from the History Center is a great and legal, hassle-free way to create office, retail, and residential space in downtown. Let's just hope the Medford Urban Renewal Association can use the same logic. ' Jesse Riley, Medford

We understand terrorists

Tom Espinosa writes in Friday's paper that we should understand and do something about what causes terrorists to attack and kill innocent people. Like most liberals, he spouts a lot of senseless rhetoric but makes no logical argument.

If I awake at night and find a man has broken into my home and is strangling my child, I will shoot him. I don't care what motivated him to do it. I am not going to try to understand him. I am going to kill him.

We do understand these terrorists. They are soulless cowards. They are not noble warriors. They attack defenseless innocents. We know what they want. They want us to die.

I do not agree with a lot of President Bush's policies, but I am glad we have a leader who understands we have to defend ourselves. I will vote to keep him in office. ' Michael Patnesky, Gold Hill

Dyslexia undiagnosed

Just the other day I found out some disturbing news. My 15-year-old son's friend has come to live with us. He is a senior this year and will be 18 in September. Well, what is so upsetting is that this young man is dyslexic and doesn't know how to read.

This poor child doesn't even know how to spell his middle name. How in the heck did he make it all the way to 12th grade without anyone knowing?

I discovered this because he needed help filling out a job application. And, even though he has this problem, he still goes to school every day and gives it 150 percent. I hope you print this because I was told by these young men there's lots of kids their age that have this problem, and nothing's being done about this. Help! ' Penny Starin, Prospect

Planning has a purpose

In response to Mike Naumes: Why were the trees blocking the freeway view taken down for Wal-Mart and not for Home Depot? They pay higher wages and are much better for local economies. Phoenix was smart to accept them.

Fiefdoms went out with the Dark Ages. All landowners are supposed to be treated equally under the law.

Planning departments were established to prevent unfair, unplanned growth and create economies and neighborhoods most people would approve of. Central Point planned to remain a livable, viable community, focused on its economy and amenable quality that would attract middle-income families.

Tom Humphries is educated, intelligent, experienced, and he is doing what is ethically and morally right for Central Point and the Rogue Valley by upholding the master plan. And if you don't think so, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Also, if you think Wal-Mart belongs near nice homes, why don't you put it next to yours? ' Barbara Johnson, Medford

Have another talk

Last time I checked, this country was founded on All treated equally. I have friends who are openly gay. This doesn't bother me because their life in no way affects mine.

Science has proven that the same hormones in the brain that attract heterosexual people to one another also affect those who are attracted to the same sex. The rest is a moral conflict.

These people want only to be recognized as a spouse in the case of unexpected death, pension beneficiaries, or health benefits which a civil ceremony does not recognize. I am a Christian, and my God preached only love against hatred, so when you say, God hates homosexuals, you might want to have another talk with him. ' D. Stevens, Central Point

Housecleaning overdue

The Bush bunch is avoiding a congressional request for a budget cost estimate for the Iraq and Afghanistan war cost. The Bush team complains the situation is always changing and impossible to estimate.

On the other hand they can project new jobs as a result of the Bush high-end tax cut. They also project a thriving economy and steady job growth.

Pretty hard to estimate in a world of changing economic conditions, but they are up to the job because it supports the Bush political goals. War cost, lives lost by our servicemen and women and a huge growing deficit do not. A housecleaning for the Bush bunch is overdue.' Don Basey, Eagle Point