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Indignation seems inconsistent

It seems to me that the Adult Land store with the red neon sign near the South Medford exit speaks volumes about our community to those traveling the freeway. Where were those that are now so critical and concerned about a proper monument for Medford back then? All this indignation about Wal-Mart seems a little inconsistent. ' G. Vanderhoff, Medford

Go vegetarian

Mad Cow. Avian Flu. Obesity. All reasons to go vegetarian. Today, March 20, observe the annual Great American Meatout, when people are encouraged to kick the meat habit for a day ' or longer. Unfortunately, many people are moving in the opposite direction with the Atkins diet, which, over time, will cause so many health problems I don't have space to even scratch the surface here. Visit or for information on the dangers.

The latter site contains this tidbit: On Feb. 10, 2004, Mrs. Atkins released a statement clarifying details about her husband's health. She confirmed that, in fact, he did have coronary artery disease. She said Dr. Atkins — did have some progression of his coronary artery disease in the last three years of his life including some new blockage of a secondary artery that was remedied during this admission — and, according to an AP story, At 258 pounds, the 6-foot-tall Atkins would have qualified as obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's body-mass index calculator.

Come to Alba Park from noon to 2 p.m. today to learn other reasons to kick the meat habit and enjoy a free meatless hot dog. ' Ron Elterman, Ashland

Study sociology

Take a sociology course, then spout about what's normal. There have always been homosexuals in humanity, roughly 8 percent. And more than that in animal behavior!

Were they moral? Probably not, as defined by Judeo-Christian philosophy. But they were there! Christian philosophy is not wrong, but it has been totally misconstrued by neo-Christians to the extent that they cannot see past their own discrimination.

— Stop hating what you cannot understand. Stop forcing someone else to believe as you. Christ was a liberal! And forcing your conservative views on someone else is a greater crime against humanity, as Hitler showed.

Who cares if gays want to marry? Did heterosexuals sanctify that institution with their 50 percent-plus divorce rate?

This is the last bastion of legalized hatred and discrimination that exists in American society. You are not gay, nor am I, but 8 percent of the population is, like it or not.

If heterosexual marriage is so important to you, why not impose huge fines on fathers who abandon their wives and children for younger trophy wives? Marriage between committed people who love each other can only strengthen the institution. ' Thomas Beatty, Central Point

Stoically humorous

Regarding a speech Jeff Thredgold gave at the Southern Oregon Business Conference:

When one gets older, survival depends on becoming a stoic and developing a great sense of humor. After reading Thredgold's remarks, I am not sure which attributes previously mentioned I should assume: Should I give a sigh or just chuckle?

Thredgold's foresight declaims that people in their 60s have a great desire to continue working ad infinitum. Actually, for some time, many retired people, due to financial necessity, in their 60s and 70s, must continue working.

Thredgold's futuristic remarks are at best a myth and at worst delusional. Dear Mr. Thredgold, let me predict your future: One day you will not see as you used to; you will not hear as you used to; your hands, which at one time were strong and steady, now shake.

This, my young man, is known as aging. This is normal and happens to all of us. I hope the future will be kind to you ... but don't bet on it.

This July, God willing, I will be 84. ' Francis U. de Lyon, Williams

Jury not convinced

Letters regarding the Gary Repp murder trial show many opinions, but not a lot of knowledge.

One, from White City, calls the trial a rush to judgment, yet later says adjudication took two years.

The same writer indicated his/her own feeling of reasonable doubt, yet calls the justice system (which exonerated Repp) criminal.

I did not follow this trial so I won't comment on the verdict.

But I know a jury finding of not guilty is not the same as being innocent. Not guilty simply means 12 carefully-selected people were not convinced. ' M. Conens, Medford

Dems used war, too

Regarding John McKelligott (Constantly disappointed, Mail Tribune March 12): As stated in the Washington Post, George Bush is a piker compared to FDR when using war as a campaign issue.

President Bush has a valid stance. If not, then you have to demean any prior Democratic president, including FDR, for using war as a reference in campaigning. ' Capp Johnson, veteran of many wars, Trail