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Letters to the editor

What's a father to do?

I am a single father with two daughters, 5 and 7 years old. I am currently off work due to a car accident and just trying to make ends meet.

I would like to know why someone would steal a child's bike from off the front porch; What joy do they get from taking something away from a small child who really can't understand when her dad says, Sorry, can't ride your bike because someone took it.

I would like to know, as an adult, does it make you feel good stealing something from a child? ' Alex Arias, Medford

Believe what you see

Currently, Barbara Kerr, president of the California Teachers' Association (CTA), is heard on local radio asserting that the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) program in area schools in no good. In this parent's experience, what Kerr claims is false.

As practiced at Jacksonville Elementary School, NCLB offers tutoring to very small groups. The teaching is tailored to these kids' precise reading (or math) level. There is nothing like a one size fits all approach. Further, in no way are the students taught the test, rather they are supported and tracked using something called the DIBELS evaluation tools.

The CTA has some sort of agenda in attacking this valuable program promoted by the Bush administration, but I can't fathom it. But since teachers' unions tend to march in lockstep, I advise Southern Oregon parents to believe what they see and know about NCLB and not what someone tries to sell them. ' Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

Tax cuts a bad idea

Bush tax cuts that have come into effect for 2004 are tilted toward the very wealthy.

Californians will get about &

36;34.4 billion in tax cuts in 2004. the t percent of Californians will get 71.8 percent of the cuts. Oregonians will get about &

36;2.9 billion in cuts for 2004. Top 20 percent of Oregonians will get 65.6 percent of this year's cuts. Bottom 60 percent of Californians will get 13.7 percent of cuts. Bottom 60 percent of Oregonians will get 16.4 percent of the cuts. When you net the cuts and the debt from the explosion in the federal deficit, you will see the tax cuts are a bad idea.

Our recovery is jobless. A report by the U.S. Council of Mayors reports the average wage of new jobs created will be &

36;35,855, significantly lower than the &

36;43,629 average wages of the job lost.

Jobs are shifting from higher-paying to lower-paying industries. Nationwide, industries that are gaining relative to industries that are losing jobs pay 21 percent less.

The federal deficit is out of control ' it will run &

36;300 billion or more for the next decade. the result is short-term growth (tax cuts) and long-term damage (deficits and higher federal debt) to the economy. ' Art Gerds Jr., Yreka, Calif.

Isaiah wasn't there

I will not see the controversial film The Passion because I categorically boycott all violent or bloody films as a matter of personal choice.

However, there is a discrepancy in the letter to the editor Knowledge first (March 14). Although the writer of Knowledge first calls the film's depiction of Jesus' suffering accurate because it was so described in the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah 52), it is one Christian interpretation, taken out of context.

The prophet Isaiah began to preach around 740 B.C., so it is impossible to cite him as an authority describing the suffering of Jesus in and around 30 A.D. Offered in the interest of the subject knowledge prerequisite to commentary desired by Mr. Giuntini. ' Joan Steele, Ashland