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Letters to the editor

Stand up to Wal-Mart

I would like to remind the Central Point City Council members that you have been elected to represent the citizens of Central Point. We have spoken and do not want Wal-Mart. Stand up to Wal-Mart and their high-priced lawyers. Do you want re-election?

Naumes seems to only care about money. We live here! The people of Medford or Wal-Mart cheerleaders do not live here! People, send your letters to the council members. Thank you. ' Carol Swenson, Central Point

Stewart case a witch hunt

It's a witch hunt! A witch hunt in 2004. Shameful.

Martha Stewart didn't steal millions from shareholders. She sold off some questionable stock, just as you or I would do.

Yes, she lied to the police about this situation. But, as we all know, the U.S. Attorney wouldn't even have wasted his time on this case if the defendant hadn't been Martha Stewart.

How many millions of our tax dollars have been spent on this BS case, let alone how much will it cost to incarcerate Stewart in a federal prison?

— Shame on you. Kenneth Lay didn't get prosecuted for all of his lying, cheating and stealing from millions of employees and stockholders.

Again, I say shame on you.

' Allen and Lillian Stewart, Jacksonville

Keep it free

To all of you poor unfortunates who feel threatened by another's sexuality or religion, feel that anything offensive should be banned, think that the public airwaves must conform to rigid moral codes and believe that the pursuit of happiness written into the Declaration of Independence wasn't meant to apply to every American (just the morally correct), I would like to recommend taking some world history courses, particularly the courses which cover European history from about 1400 up until today, and don't forget to pay close attention to what caused the American Revolution. Maybe some philosophy classes could help shed some light on the dark, narrow world you have retreated into to avoid the changes that are (with or without you approval) taking place around you.

I recently heard someone say something like, in a free society, things that have the potential to offend will always exist; the mark of a society which is not free is when everything becomes un-offensive and uncreative.

I think the most civilized of us are the ones who enjoy differences in society and embrace tolerance. God Bless America. Let's keep it free. ' Megan Christopher, Medford

Change the policy

We've noticed in much of the coverage concerning the sexual scandal within the Catholic church the Mail Tribune's reluctance to use the terms gay or homosexual in describing the priests who committed the acts of sexual abuse.

Yet the facts are that 10,677 acts of sexual abuse were committed by gay/homosexual priests. It appears the Mail Tribune has a policy of using those descriptive terms only when it puts gay/homosexuals in a good light. We think it's time the Mail Tribune changes that policy. ' Ron Meszaros, Rogue River

Where have you gone, Joe?

Left or right. Who will earn my vote? I believe in a strong war machine, tax cuts, less spending, free trade. I also believe there is something wrong with a welfare system that reaches into the third generation.

I believe that President Bush is firmly in the pocket of big business. I further believe he is indifferent to the working man and a disaster to the environment.

I am a bemused old man whose head is mostly on the right, but whose heart is on the left. Joe Lieberman, where are you? ' Jim Ross, Medford