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Proud to be American'

Regarding Donald Wells' letter March 21, the March/April issue of Mother Jones magazine shows full-page photos of seven beautiful young soldiers who were seriously wounded in Iraq. Two were wounded by American-manufactured land mines.

Alex Presman, 26, stepped on a land mine and lost his right foot. Alex Lewis, 23, lost both legs when the Humvee he was driving hit a land mine. Makes you proud to be an American? ' Ruth A. Carson, Medford

It's not marriage

Marriage (mar ij) noun 1. The act of marrying, or the state of being married; specifically, a compact entered into by a man and a woman, based on mutual regard, to live together as husband and wife until separated by death.

If the gay community wants to name their union as committed couples, then let them choose their own name and not be defined as marriage. The act of marriage has already been defined; I don't believe we should change its definition.

The union of a man and man, or woman and woman ... call it what they will, but it is not marriage. ' Cinda Gonzalez, Medford

Compassionate conservatism?

On Monday, March 15, most of Europe, at the behest of their governments, held a three-minute period of silence in memory and honor of the Spanish bombing victims. Did you hear a similar request from your government? Did you even know of the silent memorial? Is this compassionate conservatism? ' Edw. Goldhamer, Medford

Fearful, not hateful

Phobia used to mean irrational fear. The reader will judge whether irrational, but I confess to fear. I fear those who redefine my fear as hate. I do not hate. I fear.

I am timid. I don't like an argument. I back off from aggressive people. I fear those with unrestrained power. I fear those who have power to change the language to suit themselves.

Tolerance had an archaic meaning that is gone. Now, we are intolerant if we do not admire and praise diversity. Long ago, children had gay parties; no more.

I fear those who can thwart the will of the majority by finding a judge who speaks the new language. I fear those with lavish political power, and still expect everyone to feel sorry for them. I fear those who have the social influence to determine what is taught in the schools.

I fear them, but I fear they are not satisfied with that. I fear they are not capable of being satisfied. No, I will not idolize them, even to avoid being called hateful. ' Ira M. Edwards, Medford

Superstore an asset

I think Central Point would be better off with a Wal-Mart superstore ' more jobs in the local area, Central Point could use a larger tax base, not more taxes, and it will bring money to the community.

As for hurting local business, Central Point doesn't have any business really. The businesses don't really keep up their properties, the town looks rundown, and all they want is more money to waste.

The only concern I have is the traffic problem, and I think there might be one if ODOT has any say in it. I think the superstore will be an asset to Central Point, ' Gary L. Young, Central Point