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Don't ignore terrorism

Meredith Leigh, Ashland, wrote: John F. Kennedy said, Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. We must stop the merciless killing in Iraq. Don't save face! Save lives!

In 1961, President Kennedy approved the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, thus approving a preemptive strike. In 1961, we had about 750 advisers in Vietnam. President Kennedy ordered a step-up in aid to fight communism. When JFK was assassinated we had more than 16,000 military personnel in Vietnam (1963). President Kennedy set the foundation for the escalation of the war. In 1965, President Johnson sent in Marines to protect the bases established under President Kennedy.

We left and gave peace a chance. However, the peace activists were ignorant of the evils of communism. The communists slaughtered 2 million Cambodians. Both the peace activists and the U.N. did nothing.

World War III will last a long time. Today, the battle in Iraq is the main front of this war against terrorism. What can you do for your country? React to 9/11 as the Greatest Generation reacted to Pearl Harbor. Don't be ignorant of the evils of terrorism. Killing Fields II will not be in Cambodia. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

Do other citizens notice?

1. Our co-president (Bush-Cheney) has displayed the most frightening behavior I've ever seen in America: They are antagonizing a beehive, i.e. the Muslim population of the planet, by unilaterally supporting Ariel Sharon's theft of Palestine ... do others notice?

2. Condoleezza Rice and George Tenet have failed in their duty to protect our country; 3,000 Americans died in a very gruesome manner. Do U.S. citizens notice? Should they not be fired?

3. Our president (Bush-Cheney) is wrecking the U.S. economy and the economy of the world by their grand macho-driven theories of creating a free society in some other country. Does anyone notice the absurdity of all this? Take notice!

Molly Ivins and David Broder are shouting at us from the editorial pages and my hair is on fire, too. ' Marie Griffith, also known as Satgyano, Phoenix

Don't keep them homeless

Now, hold on a minute! My tax dollars are going to an agency making it easier for kids as young as 11 to remain on the street, and available to any huckster who might want to take advantage of them. Not to mention, rapists and thieves. All so they do not have to live under Mom's and Dad's rules?

And the Tribune calls this an alternative lifestyle. Am I supposed to celebrate this?

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea? What these children need is a home, be it foster or otherwise! Not to remain on the street!

Don't get me wrong. If they are being abused, then let's prosecute the abuser, and remove them from that situation. But they need homes, and real help, not assistance in their ability to live on the street! ' Tracy Van Hee, Eagle Point

Why not blame Kerry?

Gas and oil prices are at record highs here lately, as I'm sure we've all noticed. When President Bush invaded Iraq, I was one of many who believed that the invasion was more about seizing the world's second largest oil reserves than about dumping Saddam.

Easy, like the big guy taking the little guy's lunch money. However the cynical and naive parts of me thought, Well, with all that oil our energy president can stabilize oil prices here for a while, right? Wrong. Silly me. I forgot about Bush and his Texas oil cronies, and about the Bush's long time cozy relationships with the Saudis and OPEC.

The topper is the recent Bush TV ads citing Kerry's record of voting for gas tax hikes. The implication is, of course , that Kerry is somehow responsible for the spike in energy costs. I am in shock and awe. I cannot wait for the next round of corporate-fueled Bush attack ads. I suspect they will blame Kerry for the quagmire in Iraq.

While at it, why not blame him for the impending trillion-dollar deficit our children and grandchildren will inherit? ' Lou Sequeira, Jacksonville

Proud of Tribune

We so appreciate the Mail Tribune's conviction in publishing Doonesbury, particularly in the April 23 edition. We have friends in Southern California whose paper did not publish this edition, evidently because of a very common expletive. Absolutely ridiculous! We are proud of you, Mail Tribune! ' Tom and Glenda Ponder, Gold Hill

Photo disgusting

To report on the situation concerning the cougars is one thing, but to publish a photo on the front page of a cougar having an autopsy is absolutely disgusting! There are many people who do not wish to see a beautiful animal hanging as though it were a slab of meat, particularly on the front page. Are you truly that desperate for readers?

' Margaret Hoffman, Central Point

Article demeaning

Regarding the article, Crash victims' friends get counseling, April 16: I am saddened and disturbed by the inclusion of two references to Aric Christopher Vilks.

When a rumor is published it is often considered, wrongly, as a truth. The very suggestion of suicide infers that Aric held no regard for not only his life, but the life and value of the young woman who rode with him. This is outrageous. Aric's compassion for others is prominent in the memory of those who knew him.

The mention of Aric's past police record and drug involvement is not only out of context in the theme of this article, it says nothing of his excellent character, or his hard work to succeed in life. This is demeaning to the life and tragic death of this young man.

The heart of this matter is that Aric experienced the ultimate loss, his life, and the one thing all parents hope the most for their children, a future.

For those who knew Aric, his absence is heartbreaking, but his life remains a source of inspiration. Aric Christopher Vilks loved well, and so was well-loved. ' Gail McManama, Gold Hill

Recall is not the way

I'd like to comment on the pending recall election of Gold Hill Council member Christine Alford.

Having served on the council with Christine, I have observed that she is a very principled individual who states her opinions clearly and forcefully. However, I have found her willing to compromise and treat those with differing viewpoints respectfully.

In a democracy, it is the right and obligation of dissenters to present their viewpoints. By choosing the stealth mode of attack, those opposed to Councilor Alford not only have deprived her of a chance to explain her positions, but they have discarded their opportunity to raise their concerns publicly.

I do not believe that a recall of elected officials is the best way to settle our political differences ' that resolution is best reached at the ballot box. Councilor Alford and I frequently disagree on issues, but I truly respect the energy and dedication which she brings to the position.

I invite those opposed to any city council action to raise those concerns in open council sessions, or run for council themselves. This would bring the discussion into the open, and allow the community to have their say in a manner which is positive and inclusive. ' Robert Lowe, Gold Hill

Showed true colors

The location of the Doonesbury social commentary has been the topic of some discussion in your Letters to the Editor section over the past month or so. Unfortunately, on April 23 you showed your true colors with your choice to print the language you did on the comics page.

I can only assume that you consider it appropriate for my 7-, 10- and 12-year-olds to read, and thus speak, this way. Congratulations on helping me to raise my children in a manner that every mother and father would be proud of.

Are you content with your decision to run Doonesbury on the page you did? Did you consider what issues it might raise in the homes of families that are actually trying to raise their children to talk in a respectful manner to each other? Why don't you honestly answer these questions in the newspaper so that your readers can really know what value you place on the children of the communities you are serving. ' Ken Baker, Ashland

Kerry was there

A true friend is there for you. A good leader is one who is there for his country. How then do Bush and Kerry compare in this area? Do they have a history of facing up to conflict or avoiding it?

During the Vietnam War Kerry left safe duty on a frigate for the command of a swift boat battling up and down the Mekong River. Bush joined the Air National Guard which guaranteed he would never go to Vietnam.

Kerry challenged commanding officers over the specific wisdom of this campaign on the Mekong and later confronted authorities in the United States over the general wisdom of the Vietnam War. Bush finished his service doing little or nothing in the Alabama and Texas National Guard and received an early discharge. Bush said bring them on, but Kerry was there when they arrived. ' Mark Everett, Medford

KIDS say thanks

On behalf of the board of directors and volunteers for Kids' Imagination Discovery Space (K.I.D.S.), I would like to thank the Rogue Valley Mall for hosting us during spring break. We are a nonprofit organization working to create a children's discovery museum in Medford. Thanks to the Rogue Valley Mall ' particularly Tesha Lopez ' our first public event was a tremendous success.

They gave us the opportunity to show a small sample of the kind of educational attractions we plan to have. We received an enthusiastic response from several thousand local and visiting families.

Our thanks, also, to the Mail Tribune and Channels 5, 10, and 12 for their supportive coverage of our event; and to the Ashland Food Cooperative Store, PacifiCorp and individual donors for helping to make this preview possible. ' Sharon Bolles, board president, Kids' Imagination Discovery Space, Medford

Where is the humanity?

In response to Daniel Farey's letter April 23:

So, the Democratic Party wants to enslave the wealthy by making them pay taxes? What is more enslaving than limiting the social mobility of the impoverished and working classes?

One percent of our population controls 99 percent of the wealth; this country is facing a serious poverty issue, and we need some redistribution if slavery is to be prevented. A family (or single parent) living in poverty can work their fingers to the bone and never see financial security. Is this freedom?

Mr. Farey stated that greatness is achieved by hard work, not handouts. Many people who need these handouts fought and suffered in wars to ensure their freedom (to be individualistic and greedy). Is he saying that because they don't work hard they should be left to fend for themselves?

Health benefits are disappearing, and these individuals are being dehumanized and humiliated. While he guards his precious loot from the evil liberals, our children are losing their education, the elderly are in need and the disabled left out in the cold to beg and die in the streets. Where is the humanity?

He says socialism, I say compassion. ' Megan Christopher, Medford

Vote Kupillas for balance

Balance. The most significant factor in casting our votes for Sue Kupillas.

No elected official in the last 20 years has done more in seeking practical positions between the harsh rhetoric of divergent groups in our county.

She's worked to protect the environment, while encouraging natural resource jobs.

She's worked to protect low-income citizens, while managing a declining county budget.

She's worked to protect essential county services, while lobbying for replacement funds from revenues lost on O&C lands.

She's worked effectively with State and Federal officials, while prioritizing the needs of the citizens of Jackson County.

She's worked to bring new family wage jobs to the county, while working to encourage retention of the ones already here.

She's worked to facilitate change rather than succumb to polarized debate.

Balance. Vote for proven leadership, Sue Kupillas. ' James L. Patterson, Medford

Supporting Buckley

Peter Buckley has our support for state representative because he comes with fresh ideas and a sense of urgency. He is energetic, vibrant, and clear thinking. He has the talent necessary to convince others about what is the right thing to do.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican you need Peter Buckley to represent you! ' Jerry and Beverly Kenefick, Ashland

We have a choice

Having read about Sue Kupillas and the BLM timber salvage controversy, I have decided to help vote her out of office. I consider myself a moderate on environmental issues except on key topics such as clean air.

Not only has she put a political spin on her position regarding clean air in this valley, which is very disappointing, but now she has tried to sidestep public debate on another controversial environmental subject. Kupillas has certainly showed her true colors this past year, frankly I am surprised she is running as a Democrat.

We have the opportunity in this great country to change government when our leaders no longer represent our interests. For me, that time has come. We have a choice come the 18th of May. My choice will be to vote for Sue Densmore. ' Philip J Billoni, MD, Medford

We need Buckley

I'm thrilled to see Peter Buckley running for state representative in District 5.

We need his unique leadership skills in Salem.

Peter knows how to bring people together. He's open, fair, positive, and listens to people from all walks of life. He gathers people, helps them find common ground, generates reasonable and workable solutions. He lives the democratic process.

Peter is courageous. He'll tackle the very real issues we face head-on. We can have a humane and prosperous Oregon. We just need to do things differently.

Peter inspires. He's infectiously but realistically optimistic. He sees the big picture, reminds us of our heritage and dreams, explains fundamental issues and solutions clearly. He informs, engages, challenges citizens to work together to create a better way of life for all.

To learn more about Peter, his positions, and opportunities to meet him, check out . ' Estelle Voeller, Ashland

Keep spite out of it

My vote goes to Sue Densmore. Having read her statements in the Mail Tribune April 13, I'm impressed with her quiet demeanor in listing her qualifications. She is a woman of character and, may I say, class.

Furthermore, I don't think any public person should get re-elected in spite of anything. Spite shouldn't enter the picture. ' Mercedes McKean, Medford

Demos should be Demos

I believe elected officials should walk their talk, even if we disagree with them. Commissioner Sue Kupillas supports Republican policies, appoints conservative and Republican people to her committees, works and lobbies for Republican environmental policies and gets most of her campaign money from Republicans and industry.

I am comfortable with Republicans being Republicans, but I also like Democrats to be Democrats. When Kupillas set about to help Republican Gordon Smith get elected to the U.S. Senate instead of her Democratic colleague Bill Bradbury, she seemed sincerely interested in furthering a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

So, why is she still registered as a Democrat? Kupillas calls this compromise but that's not the word I'd use. No wonder people don't trust government. We are voting for Sue Densmore because she's a good candidate. ' Mary-Kay Michelsen, Ashland

Elect Buckley

Young, vigorous, competent, hard worker, outstanding leader, devoted husband, father. That's Peter Buckley!

Bright, informed, involved every day to build a better future. Will fight for: stable and adequate education funding, small businesses to deliver economic development, campaign finance reform, that's Peter Buckley. Let's elect him to the Legislature. That's Peter Buckley! ' Milt Goldman, Jacksonville

Support Buckley

Peter Buckley has worked with the Jackson County Democratic Party since 2002 to revitalize the local party organization and to bring new or formerly non-affiliated or other voters into the Democratic fold. This experience is valuable in stopping the slow slide of the center to the right. It could be argued that an important part of the job of any elected Democrat in Jackson County is to take party organization and party appeal seriously, as Peter has done.

If we want to take our state back, we will need to have the tools to do it. Party organization is historically the most effective tool for giving citizens control of their government. In recognizing this, and working to make this tool more effective, appealing, and representative, Peter Buckley has demonstrated that he has the understanding and experience to help us get our state back. ' Jim S. Martin, Ashland