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Miles Field a bad location

The Medford Site Plan and Architectural Commission approved Wal-Mart's superstore at Miles Field.

The commission ignored impacts of the new south Interstate 5 interchange. A traffic impact analysis predicts jammed intersections, stop-and-go conditions, intolerable delays, with average speeds less than 15 mph. The City Council will consider appeals of Wal-Mart's superstore this Thursday at 7 p.m. in City Hall. Let's tell the City Council that Miles Field is a bad location for Wal-Mart! ' Scott Morrell, Medford

From whence all evil flows

Listening to 15 hours of flaky, allegedly religious Oregon radio programs, a dull, uneducated person could easily be convinced that all evil flows from feminists, homosexuals and gun control.

As Charlie Brown would say, Good grief!

Why not target midgets, diabetics and waitresses as the source of all evil? It would make just as much sense. Maybe more. There's probably some strange, nutty religious sect preaching exactly that at this very moment. ' James Snyder, Central Point

Where are our priorities?

We are spending &

36;6 billion per month in Iraq. And Gen. Richard Myers just reported to Congress that we're facing a &

36;4 billion shortfall. Extra money we'll need to spend. On what?

— No WMD, only one al-Qaida fighter arrested to date, and 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide that hate us. This, while Oregonians are dying because of cuts in support programs, our schools are underfunded and law enforcement is cutting back. Where are our priorities? ' Charles McHenry, Central Point

I am human

Last I checked, I am human. I am a single mom. I work two jobs and try to maintain a household. My yard is overgrown, and the laundry is never done! I just finished my taxes and I still have a dozen bills to pay!

I went to Catholic school 11 out of 12 years. I pray every day. There is only one true God, and Jesus is my Savior.

I am teaching my daughter that all people are of God's making. Most are good, some are bad. The bad people break God's laws. This includes those who do not Love thy neighbor.

I will marry the person with whom I feel God has intended me to spend my life forever. Many will not approve. Some will just accept. Persons who truly love me will jump for joy at my happiness.

My agenda? To love everyone as God intended. My message is to those who believe otherwise: I have a life to live, regardless of your belief in my so-called agenda. My partner and I make mistakes, for we are human. Our current agenda is to be married, and rear our children to love and be loved. ' S. Mullan, Medford

The energy president

It is commonly known that both Bush and Cheney come from the oil industry. And most of us know that Cheney had a secret meeting with energy industry leaders (Ken Lay?) to set national energy policy. Who attended the meeting that affects your energy bill? None of your business, according to Cheney.

Now we learn from Bob Woodward's book that the Saudi Arabian government pledged to increase oil production (decrease price) prior to the election. The Bush family has a long standing, close relationship with the royal family.

Author Craig Unger in his book, House of Saud, claims over a billion dollars made its way from the Saudi royal family to entities tied to the Bush family. And now they are going to help Bush get elected!

I don't know about you, but I find this disgusting. You might think about that the next time you fill your tank. ' David Asche, Medford

9/11 commission not a waste

My letter is in response to some readers who feel the 9/11 commission is a waste. I feel just the opposite.

The main purpose of the federal government is to protect the United States. Obviously, it failed. The public deserves to know why. We should question the motives behind anyone who doesn't want the awful truth to be known.

It is clear that some government officials ' federal employees who took an oath to protect us ' were not doing what we trust (and pay) them to do. Can we really trust them in the future?

In the Sept. 11 attacks, 3,000 Americans lost their lives. At the very least, some government employees ought to lose their jobs. ' Matt Conens, Medford