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Strike an agreement

I believe the Republicans and the Democrats should strike an agreement.

If the Republicans will stop lying about the Democrats, the Democrats will stop telling the truth about the Republicans! ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

Think about it

Jim Holder's letter defending Wal-Mart: I have seen many smaller cities and towns that welcomed Wal-Mart stores with open arms that often involved taxes and utilities service discounts. (Page 6B, April 25).

Dusty Horwitt's article on myths about hard-earned money, referring to Forbes' list of 100 wealthiest Americans: ...the five heirs to the Wal-Mart fortune, each worth &

36;20.5 billion. (Page 5B, April 25).

Explain again why communities give huge tax and utility discounts to monster corporations? Think about it. ' Gail Beason, Talent

Pleased with article

As the former trustee of the Keeney Estate, I was most pleased to be able to forward John Darling's article on to the Keeney heirs.

— In addition to being an accomplished architect, Mr. Keeney was very much a gentleman from the old school. A lesson for us all that success and accomplishments give way to good manners and charm. Our valley was not only most fortunate to have had him leave his indelible mark professionally but equally blessed to have had him as one of our premier, gracious citizens. ' Jim Maddux, Medford

War can't be won

As President Bush talks about his determination to fight and defeat terrorism, he seems to have forgotten that the war can't be won. Terrorism can be reduced and restrained. Terrorism, like poverty, will always be with us.

Terrorism is a technique, not an ideology or political philosophy. Here are some steps we can take: Support the International Criminal Court, support the U.N. in solving the world's problems, reduce WMD (the United States has the largest stockpile of WMD and the United States is the leader in developing all the technologies to create WMD and is on its way to create a new generation of nuclear weapons). Reduce weapons exports to the rest of the world, base our foreign policy on fairness and equality and reduce our dependence on oil.

When this administration turns over power to the Iraqi government this June, it seems certain that the leadership Iraq has on that day will not survive for more than a few years unless a new strongman emerges. This administration will ask for another &

36;40 billion-&

36;100 billion for Iraq, on top of the &

36;170 billion spent already, after this election. ' Arthur Gerds Jr., Yreka, Calif.

Too tired to fight

This morning I was thrilled to find a deer feeding in my back yard. This was a common sight years ago when we had an abundance of wildlife, birds, forests, open fields, orchards and a climate you couldn't beat. In springtime, when the pear trees blossomed, they resembled fields of snow.

But now the forests have been denuded, the wildlife has gone, the orchards replaced with spindly vineyards, the fields covered with sprawling developments, big box stores, parking lots, high fences, superhighways and more construction than the valley was ever meant to handle. You can't stop this horrendous progress but I resent being forced into living a Californicated lifestyle I never wanted.

Our legislators mistakenly believe there is still plenty of room to expand. They destroy established neighborhoods, change existing zoning laws to satisfy big business and don't have the guts to just say no. This only paves the way for hordes of newcomers just waiting to grab a piece of the pie.

I am too old and tired to fight against this rape of the valley. Guess I'll just settle back in my rocker and enjoy what's left of the beauty that once was. I wonder whatever happened to my deer? ' L. Dunn, Phoenix

Thanks for help

On Friday, April 23, I drove to the Medford Wal-Mart, leaving ample air space for my Jack Russell dog, Simon. On my return, he was gone.

Inside Wal-Mart, the office announced a runaway dog. Two Wal-Mart employees outside began running to customers who were shouting, He's over there, he went that way. Soon a customer and the employees had Simon.

Thank you all. I'm very grateful.

Someone said Simon ran inside the store, but didn't buy anything. ' Patricia Meadows, White City

Thanks to Samaritan

Many thanks to the Good Samaritan who found my unmailed correspondence (checks to pay creditors) at Alba Park on April 16 and took the time and effort to deposit it in the closest mailbox. You have my undying gratitude and appreciation for your assistance. I will pass on the favor when the opportunity arises. Thank you again for being so very kind and thoughtful. ' Phyllis R. Lucier, Medford