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Common courtesy

That's it! I've had it! I have threatened to do this every morning since October, and today is the last straw! What happened to common courtesy?

I thought the unspoken rule (or maybe it is even a real rule in the driver's ed book) was to take turns at a four-way stop. The first one to the stop sign goes and then the next one to the stop sign etc., etc.

Well, that's not how it is at the intersection of Third Street, 10th Street, Scenic Avenue and Upton Road in Central Point. Because of the way the four-way stop is situated, many people take advantage and go when they shouldn't.

I have even watched in utter amazement as some of Central Point's finest have done this! This morning I watched as three cars in a row on Scenic Avenue went one right after the other with no thought or consideration for their fellow man.

When are we going to wake up and start treating other people as we would like to be treated? Or has the Golden Rule been smashed like so many other things have been in our quest to hurry up and wait? ' J. Nave, Central Point

Pinocchio's nose

May — marks one year since our president, Top Gun George, strode mightily across the flight deck of the carrier from his fighter jet (30 miles off the coast of San Diego was too far for his helicopter) to declare victory in Iraq: Mission Accomplished. Since then 606 young American lives have been lost in George W's grudge match.

— There weren't any similar fake heroics this May 1, because Pinocchio's nose won't fit inside his flight helmet. ' Don Stone, Ashland

Trimming days should be last

The article in the April 27 Mail Tribune covering school board contract negotiations is very disturbing.

The Oregon Education Association's position is that they feel 20 days less of schooling will have little or no effect on the quality of education. I feel that their position is selfish and short-sighted. It is hard for me to accept that an increase in class size of say 5-10 students per class would lower the overall quality of education more than the loss of 20 full days of schooling in the school year for all students.

For those conducting the negotiations, the following should be the order of priorities: First, reduce overhead and administrative expenses; second, increase class sizes and trim non-core classes and sports; and third or last, reduce class teaching days. ' Carl Schoder, Medford

Save the pear trees

Your Our Valley publication about Survivors in the Valley was excellent in coverage of people and businesses. But there are some possible survivors that were overlooked ' our lost orchards.

A couple of weeks ago, along Foothill Road, an orchard was uprooted. Seeing those trees ' trying to live, still in blossom ' was heartbreaking! They were not just decoration fruit trees, but food-producing trees.

Over the years I have seen this happen over and over. I wonder if other people think what I do ' that I would give anything to give even one tree a new home in my yard.

Isn't there some way for this to be done? Possibly an announcement like, Come on a certain day and pick up a tree. With so many people struggling to feed their families, I'm sure those trees could help them with fruit that would be a real blessing.

Several years ago, I lived in a rental with one pear tree. From it, I had pears for my family, friends and canning too. So I know about how much good one single tree can do. Yet every year so many trees are lost in the valley, along with the food possibilities. ' Syble Adams Wilson, White City

Graffiti is abhorrent

This is one time I am happy not to be a citizen of White City. I will not have to spend my time protesting the outrageous mural being painted at the new skate park.

Graffiti is abhorrent to everyone ' to include it purposely is an affront to all. I hope White City will lay claim to dignity and cover the graffiti portion with something else. The rest of the mural is pleasant. ' Faye Heighton, Medford