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A very weak response

President Bush is disgusted and will punish those torturing prisoners in Iraq in violation of the Geneva Convention. That is a very weak response. It could be interpreted as You can do it as long as you don't get caught.

The commander-in-chief is responsible for the actions of his troops. He should have strongly stated we will abide by the Geneva Convention and deviation from it would not be tolerated. ' Helen E. Hooper, Medford

Stop truck parking

I'd like someone in the city of Medford to step up to the task and take responsibility for stopping the continued use of Golf View Drive, south of Alameda, as a parking lot and staging area for construction fill trucks and trailers. We are under a constant barrage from 7:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. It is getting worse and one can only wonder what it will be like when construction starts south of Juanipero. Help! ' Del Ferguson, Medford

Council ignored residents

I think it's too bad the Central Point City Council voted against letting Wal-Mart build a new store in Central Point.

It is a fast-growing area and Central Point could have gotten on the bandwagon. It would have put Central Point on the map ' but no, the City Council wants Central Point to remain a bedroom community for Medford.

I've been to a couple of these special meetings, but the council doesn't care about the wishes of the residents. They know the majority of the residents wanted the Wal-Mart. Who made them God? Why didn't they let us vote on it?

— They said it was because the freeway interchange is overloaded and it won't handle the traffic. Well, it's been overloaded for two years, ever since they built the Pilot truck stop. If they had built the Wal-Mart store, the increased traffic would have forced the Department of Transportation to improve the interchange, which they are going to have to do anyway.

I'm tired of going into Medford to buy things you can't buy here. ' David Perry, Central Point

Council made right call

I would like to thank the Central Point City Council for its unanimous vote against the proposal to build a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Central Point. The council members studied the issues, asked the right questions, trusted the judgment and professionalism of the city planning staff and upheld the zoning ordinances.

They recognized the importance of good planning and quality of life. I hope they will continue to support smart growth and work to keep the quality of life that makes Central Point a great place to live! ' Katy Mallams, Central Point


Mr. Adams' rebuttal to my letter refers to the wrong war. No draft today, thus no draft-dodgers. A military instructor, I trained Guard and Reserves for years. Nearly all told me they were evading the draft. Someone with a higher draft number then took their place in war. Not necessarily cowards, they did find a way to avoid Vietnam and Canada.

Now, with no draft, I suspect few VIP sons, like Bush and Quayle, Republican or Democrat, are in the Guard or Reserves. When Bush brings back the draft, it will be middle- to lower-income folks producing the cannon fodder. Most in the military now are there for economic reasons.

I fear we may never recover from Bush's actions, even if he is not re-elected. The damage to our world stature, economy, environment and people like Kenneth Lay, Kenny Boy, still out of prison. Halliburton overcharges the American taxpayers in Iraq, yet nobody goes to jail, nor are Halliburton and other criminal companies that gouge us getting kicked out of Iraq. ' John Holseth, PhoenixElection letters

Re-elect Kupillas

A group of us have monitored Sue Kupillas' work over 15 years in Jackson County government. She has demonstrated a solid record of achievement: In 2004 she chaired and organized the first successful Economic Summit in Southwestern Oregon (to help our region compete for jobs); she's responsible for creating hundreds of new jobs and preserving hundreds more in White City Industrial Park, while respecting the environment; she's working to keep the VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinic in White City open (she testified to the Cares Commission and traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit the VA secretary); she voted to maintain clean air, to maintain open space and farmland and to preserve our quality of life.

We know her to be a very hard-working public servant, full of integrity and dedication, and a pleasant person with whom to deal. Therefore, we very strongly endorse her for re-election. ' D.R. Bouwer, Gold Hill

Vote for Densmore

I have watched County Commissioner Sue Kupillas on the television during the county commissioners' meetings. Many times she does not allow the public to finish their comments and cuts them off, as though their opinions are not valid.

We don't need a dictator in a county commissioner's position.

I urge you to vote for Sue Densmore. She is willing to work with the people of Jackson County, not against them. She cares about the quality of life in our community ' from education to pollution.

Sue Densmore wants to help make Jackson County a better place to live for our citizens. We need a new leader in our commissioners office. Please vote for Sue Densmore. ' Susan Day, Medford

Change can happen

To listen to Peter Buckley speak is to know in your heart that positive change can and will happen when Peter is elected.

Alice Paul, famed woman suffragist, said in an interview late in her long life, That enthusiasm was worth a lot more than experience in the long fight for a woman's right to vote. I believe that is the case in the upcoming legislative fight to get our state back, which is why my vote for state representative, District 5, is going to Peter Buckley.

So join me in choosing the right person for this job. Peter Buckley for state representative. ' Tana Domecq-Davis, Jacksonville

Kupillas supports balance

Contrary to reader Cond? Cox's implication (letter April 30), Commissioner Kupillas actually voted with Commissioner Gilmour against the modification in air regulations that were preferred by Boise. The letter Commissioner Kupillas recently sent to the DEQ came many months after a Boise 2003 campaign donation, and after she listened to additional air quality experts' advice on the issue.

Commissioner Kupillas has been supportive of responsible stewardship of the forests in Southern Oregon. She, and the late City Councilman Bill Moore, were at the forefront of facilitating assistance so Boise could rebuild its plywood mill in north Medford after the devastating 1998 fire. She worked diligently to facilitate local government support of that effort to rebuild. Kupillas was a friend to 350 Boise families when friends were needed.

Boise donates to candidates from both political parties who support a balanced approach to natural resource issues. Kupillas is that kind of candidate. ' Robert Smith, human resources manager, Boise, Medford

Vote for Densmore

Sue Densmore, candidate for Jackson County commissioner, feels we can have a successful economy without sacrificing any policies developed by citizen involvement to clean up our dirty air ' rules that have reduced air pollution by 74 percent while population has increased two-thirds. A success story!

Her opponent, Sue Kupillas, contrary to misleading campaign statements in support of clean air, supports DEQ in eliminating certain effective local industrial pollution requirements and has shrugged aside the concerns of over 5,000 of her constituents who quickly overwhelmed DEQ in opposition to their increased pollution proposal.

Since our air quality is now in jeopardy, it is imperative that our elected officials take a stand for clean air, health and quality of life of those they represent. That's why I support Sue Densmore. Please join me in voting for Sue Densmore, advocate for clean industry and clean air, for Jackson County commissioner. ' Irwin Hurley, Medford

Vote for Jim Wright

I have worked in the heavy highway construction industry in the Rogue Valley for the past 21 years. During that time I have had the privilege of working both for and with Jim Wright. As the president of a family-owned construction company I can tell you from personal experience Jim's door was always open. Jim would always take time to listen to any employee no matter how busy he might be.

As CEO of LTM Inc., a corporately-owned construction company, Jim's focus never changed. Jim was a fellow employee and the leader of our team.

From age 13, Jim began working in the construction business and he learned that every job and every employee is vital to the success of a company.

I have seen first-hand Jim's ability to negotiate, make tough decisions and stand by those decisions.

Help Oregon become more fiscally responsible. Vote Jim Wright for state Senate! ' Curt Crichton, safety manager, LTM Inc., Medford

Endorsing Densmore

Remember 2002? Democratic County Commissioner Sue Kupillas led the strange and local Democrats for Republican Sen. Gordon Smith campaign against fellow Democrat Bill Bradbury. Smith won.

Democrat Kupillas told the press she backed Republican Smith over Democrat Bradbury because of Smith's stands on resource issues ' land, air, water, fish, and wildlife. But in both 2000 and 2001 ' Kupillas' Republican resources candidate Smith received a remarkable 0 percent rating from the League of Conservation Voters for his votes on resource issues. How moderate is that?

Now Kupillas touts her commodity-biased Natural Resources Advisory Committee as a reason to support her. She's got big plans for resources in Jackson County, she says. (Resources beware.)

It's no wonder the Oregon League of Conservation Voters is endorsing Sue Densmore for Jackson County commissioner over alleged Democrat Kupillas in the Democratic primary. If resources could vote, they'd vote for Densmore. ' Dave Willis, Greensprings