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Ignoring reality

Michele Montgomery from Gold Hill, in response to Leon Guillotte, declares that there are no Palestinian lands, and there will be none until Israel makes it so. That may be the view of the scene from Gold Hill, but when I see nightly news programs from a wide cross-section of Middle Eastern countries, news presenting the view from Palestine and the neighboring states, they all refer to what we call Israel as Occupied Palestine. If the area is Palestine (which it is) and it is occupied (which it is) how could the lands of this area be anything but Palestinian lands?

To continue the pretense that Jews have some divine right to the real estate superior to that right of the other inhabitants living there before the occupation is to remain willfully ignorant. Of course these are Palestinian lands.

The martyrs blowing themselves and the occupiers up are not doing it for fun. They are doing it for the redemption of their lands. To assign any other motive is to ignore reality and to ignore that reality is to court further attention from those who feel justified in their hatred of America. ' Laird Funk, Williams

Full story not told

I was dismayed that the environmentally concerned Oxygen Collective (Tempo, April 30) was not having their full story told. Politics and timber aside, the public needs to know how this group is treating its neighbors, and its own environment.

Last August, the parents of one of the collective's organizers purchased a small mobile home with outbuildings on acreage abutting BLM land on Sterling Creek Road south of Ruch. Since moving into this property, which sits at the end of a narrow, one-lane dirt hillside road labeled Hawkins Way, used by seven other single family homes, the collective's two Greyhound-size buses and their vehicles (10-plus), have traveled this gravel community road repeatedly.

The buses, far too large for this road ' and providing public transportation and a public hub for their West Coast protest events ' have created potholes, destroyed gravel traction and kicked up more dust than the average family vehicle. Because the collective's property sits at the top of this road, the group's functions echo down the valley, disturbing the peace of the rural homesteads.

— These are concerned environmentalists? What about their neighbors? Apparently they, too, cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to the impact of their own activities. ' Morgan Johnson, Jacksonville

A new kind of war?

The war on terrorism is a new kind of war, entirely different from wars of the past. For example, in World War II we fought against distinct nation-states, primarily Germany and Japan. We defeated their uniformed armies, removed their political leadership, occupied their territories, and set up provisional governments.

Back then, it worked. But today, all that has changed. Now we have to deal with un-uniformed terrorists that can strike from anywhere, operating out of small cells hidden away in dozens of different countries.

To defeat this secretive foe, the Bush administration has devised a bold new strategy ' invade one nation-state (Iraq), defeat the uniformed army, throw out the political leadership, occupy the territory, set up ...

Wait a minute, did I miss something here? ' Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

Battle lines have been drawn

The battle lines are drawn. It is plain to see that no amount or combining of empty words can or will draw the chasm between us together.

I am personally sick of the dimwitted mouthpieces we are all forced to endure day in and day out (Republicans and Democrats alike), as the self-prescribed, supreme authorities on, you name the issues, who profess to hold the answers to any of the problems in America, or the world for that matter. We can all speak, but only in death will we ever truly know if we were right or wrong.

After we die there will either be nothing, and as such, nothing will have mattered from whence we were alive, because if there is nothing, we won't know otherwise, or need to know, because there is nothing. Or, and I'm thinking probably we will all be standing in front of some red, horned caricature of what many perceive to be the devil, explaining why we were such idiots when we were alive, and trying to come up with just one tiny little justification (probably to no avail) as to why any of us shouldn't burn in hell. ' B. Marsh, Medford