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He didn't have an 'affair'

Former governor Goldschmidt did not have a relationship or an affair. Both words imply consent and in the state of Oregon a 14-year-old cannot legally consent. Calling sexual abuse anything else minimizes this serious crime and is a disservice to its victims. ' Vanessa Houk, Ashland

Today's America

Bush says that tortured prisoners in Iraq do not reflect the America he knows. Unfortunately today's America includes:

Holding prisoners indefinitely with no charges.

Disregarding the Geneva Conventions.

Preemptive killings.

Lies in order to start and continue an unnecessary war.

Blowing off the U.N. and calling it irrelevant.

Turning the world's goodwill into hate by being condescending, arrogant and ruthless.

The tortures in Iraq reflect the Bush administration's inhumanity towards the rest of the world. ' Tom Dimitre, Ashland

How many died?

With all the Congressional and media breast-beating about the recent photographs of the torture of some Iraqi prisoners of war, has it occurred to anyone to ask ... exactly how many Iraqis died in this incident? ' Martin J. Sullivan, Brookings

Why they hate us

Have you ever wondered why the Islamic militants hate us so much? In my opinion, it is for the following reasons:

1. Our women and young girls dress very scantily and try to do so in their country.

2. We kill our unborn babies (abortion) and encourage other nations to do so.

3. Many of our people see nothing wrong with same-sex marriage and are in your face about their homosexuality.

4. Many of our men are users of pornography and we are purveyors of it to other nations, including theirs.

5. Many of their young people going to college here become hooked on our vices and bring them back home.

6. They see our godlessness and blatant disregard for prayer as an affront to their god.

7. Our wastefulness of the natural resources of the world (especially oil. We use more than 19 million barrels of oil a day).

8. We are considered infidels, so they must either convert us or kill us.

9. They hate Israel, but they know we Christians support Israel's will to survive. Our only hope is in the Lord. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

Equestrian teams slighted

Congratulations to the Crater High School Equestrian Team and their volunteer coaches, Debi Kubic and Paula Burton, on yet another Southern Oregon High School Equestrian Team (SOHSET) district championship.

These equestrian athletes work hard year-round to develop their riding skills. The program is completely funded by the athletes, their families and several fantastic local business sponsors.

The program has not requested nor ever received one penny of financial support from the school district. The equestrian team has been a true model of what we now know as pay-for-play sports.

So why does Crater High School not recognize this very demanding pursuit as a sport ... relegating it, instead, to the status of an activity? The Olympic movement long ago acknowledged equestrian events as sports, and many colleges and universities support equestrian teams as part of their athletic programs.

Could it be that Crater does not recognize their equestrian team as a sport because it is a sport dominated by females? Doesn't federal law ban discrimination against female athletes? It is past time for Crater to re-evaluate its position on this issue! ' Steve Snowden, Gold Hill