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Thanks to teachers

I would like to thank Dominique and his mother Megan Hassell for having KTVL Channel 10 news come to my classroom for National Teacher Appreciation week. Their thoughtfulness and appreciation has made me feel very special and valued.

I would like to thank all of the teachers in my life who inspired me and taught me the joy of learning. Because of you I am a successful member of my community.

I also want to thank all of the teachers in our region who are in classrooms every day. During these uncertain times of funding challenges, educational reform and budget crunches, you continue to demonstrate your hard work, commitment and dedication to your students. ' Tania Tong, Lone Pine School, Medford

An eloquent argument

In his May 7 guest opinion, John Enders argues eloquently for letting the Southern Oregon Historical Society manage the Carnegie Library building for its historical significance, as a repository for the society's library and as a precious public space.

I can think of no better organization to provide the stewardship this building deserves. The society and its staff have the preservation skills and the guiding mission to provide exactly the care the Carnegie needs.

My great-grandfather, William Wood, a Civil War cavalryman, used this library, as did my grandparents, my parents, my brothers and my daughter.

— But my reasons aren't only personal.

This move makes too much sense. There are songs in the creaky floorboards of the Carnegie: songs of restless children seeking a summer read; songs of students researching reports; songs of grown-ups wanting to cure a child's fever or weave a rug or figure out the meaning of life.

These are sacred songs written by many whose voices we will never hear again in a place that has been a center of light and learning for our community. The Southern Oregon Historical Society knows how to let this circle be unbroken. ' Bill Powell, Medford

Drive the stake

After being banished by a vote, not garlic or wolfbane, Dracula, played by Wal-Mart, and their fiendish frontman Renfield, played by Greg Hathaway, are again trying to bring their pestilence back to Central Point.

Professor Van Helsing, played by Tom Humphrey, and Mina, played by Becca Croft, were able to show the town council that what the vampire was presenting was just an illusion. Deception and forcefulness at its best! The council rightfully did all in their power to keep the scourge out!

Renfield (Hathaway) in fear of being banished himself to Bentonville forever, schemed and told Dracula (Wal-Mart) that he has a way to get a new source of Central Point blood, and begged Dracula to let him worm and weave his treachery through LUBA. Now LUBA, being a governmental entity, will not be allowed to use the crucifix to fend off Dracula (Wal-Mart), but I predict that they have the authority and the will to drive that stake through Dracula's heart! No pun intended to the stakeholders. ' Mick Shindell, Central Point

Class size not the answer

In response to the letter from Carl Schoder (Trimming days should be last, May 6), who finds it hard to accept that adding five to 10 students per class would lower the overall quality of education, he should stop by a classroom one day. Stop by a classroom that is already filled with students and one teacher.

Watch as that teacher tries to teach students so that they can be productive in today's society. Watch as the different types of students learn and retain what they are learning.

Oh, but let's throw in more kids to an already overcrowded classroom and let's just see what will happen, trying to reach and teach all students. Sardines in a tin trying to learn. How selfish will that be?

Oh, yes, and let's cut out the sports. Why should kids have any fun or exercise? That is going to solve a lot.

I don't know what the answer is, but please do not mistake overcrowding as a solution to the problem. Do we want our teachers to just be traffic monitors or do we want an education for these students? ' Lori McCargar, Central Point

Movie worth seeing

Go see What the BLEEP Do We Know!? at the Varsity Theater in Ashland now! This is a movie that can touch both the heart and the mind at the same time.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth is? Or even wondered if there really is a God or purpose at all to life? Have you ever had the experience where time stood still or that you were in the right place at the right time?

If so, this movie might intrigue you. This movie was able to hook me unlike anything else. ' Shelly Pickett, Talent