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Comparison is outrageous

It's outrageous to compare the U.S. role in World War II to the war in Iraq. When Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan, we attacked Japan. But when the World Trade Center was bombed by a group of religious extremists from Saudi Arabia, we bombed Iraq under false pretenses to which the Bush administration admits.

Sacrifice is not the issue; this issue is needless suffering. Perhaps it's time to stop getting your news from propagandists. ' T. Warren, Medford

Methuselah on a bicycle?

I've heard rumor of a statue of Peter Britt in the works, and depicted at work, with a tripod camera, hand poised aloft, using a mechanical shutter button release cable?

Why not using a digital camera? What's next, a statue of Methuselah riding a bicycle? For accuracy's sake, perhaps Mr. Britt removing a shutter shade from the camera would be more appropriate. ' Pat Weber, Ashland

Another important question

In regards to Wanda Ward's letter Thursday, I totally agree. She raised the question, can an entire administration be impeached?

Another, more important question might be, Can a president be impeached if he was never elected? No doubt that would be another Bush administration loophole. ' Geanie Flanigan, Medford

Read a history book

For those who are defending the Arab Palestinian rights against the Jewish occupiers, I would like to suggest you read a little bit of history. Before the Arabs existed, as, by their own claims, they are descended from Abraham (illegitimately, through Ishmael), as are the Jews (legitimately, through Isaac), the land in that area was given to Abraham. It was named Palestine by the Romans, primarily to irritate the Jews, who were the people of the area at that time.

In fact, until the 1970s, the Arabs of that area did not call themselves 'Palestinian.' The Arabs of the Gaza region were Egyptian, and of the West Bank were Jordanian. They had the option of becoming Israeli Arabs, but chose to become refugees in their own land.

To further exacerbate the problem, neither Egypt nor Jordan wish for the refugees to relocate further into their nations. Some will accuse me of being one of those right-wingers who supports Israel at all costs. Go ahead. I do.

However, my stance happens to be supported by history much better than your stance is. I dare you to actually read a history book, and quit basing your knowledge on television. ' Jonathan Edwards, Central Point

Shocked and dismayed

What is it called when your 35-year-old neighbor has sex with your 14-year-old daughter over a period of nine months? Sexual abuse. Statutory rape.

And yet, when I, like so many of us, was shocked and dismayed to read about Neil Goldschmidt having sexually abused the 14-year-old daughter of a neighbor in 1975, it is called an affair by our media. Excuse me! A sexual affair is between consenting adults.

In my practice as a psychotherapist I have worked with innumerable clients who have been sexually molested and abused as children. This kind of experience is deeply scarring for the victim. Calling sexual abuse an affair downplays the severity of injury that occurs to the child and is profoundly inappropriate.

I know that we are talking about Neil Goldschmidt, a person who has contributed much to this state over the years. However, applying the term affair to sex between a 35-year-old married man and a 14-year-old girl is inaccurate and seems to condone and normalize this kind of behavior. Is this really the intention of your newspaper? ' Nando Raynolds, licensed professional counselor, Talent

The truth is clear

First they told us we went to war in Iraq because of connections with al-Qaida. When that proved to be a lie, they told us it was because we were in imminent danger due to their stockpiles of WMDs. When no WMDs were found, they told us it was to unseat a sadistic tyrant. Now, the horrible photos documenting our torture of Iraqi prisoners demonstrates to the world that we can be every bit as sadistic as Saddam.

The administration will now feign shock and repudiate these acts as the renegade actions of a few bad soldiers. But the truth is clear to anyone whose mind is open. These despicable acts are a natural consequence of the cowboy mentality of this administration ' when you encourage a climate of fear, when you strip your own citizens of their constitutional rights, when you disregard international treaties (like the Geneva Convention), and when you cloak yourself in secrecy, is it surprising that soldiers feel empowered to treat enemy prisoners this way?

What further evidence do we need that this is an immoral and corrupt administration? Do we really need to find George Bush's fingerprints on an electric cattle prod to convince us? ' Claude Aron, Applegate