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All that fits

No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ' front-page news for weeks. Confirmation of nerve gas in roadside bomb in Iraq ' 1/8 column, page 10A, Mail Tribune, May 26. Liberal bias? You decide. All the news that fits our views. ' Lary Stieglitz, Medford

Oregon should be last

It is great news that Oregon has moved from 33rd to 39th in per-capita taxes paid to state government. However, the only acceptable rank is 50th.

The Libertarian Party of Oregon is working hard to make that a reality and I am confident that the people of Oregon will pay the lowest taxes in the nation in a few years. ' Robert K. Stock, chairman, Libertarian Party of Jackson County, Medford

Welcome, Greenpeace

Welcome, Greenpeace, to our peaceful, quiet Southern Oregon. Please try to keep your problems here in the Rogue Valley. We don't need all the world's news reporters here. Thank you. ' Tom Rolie Medford

Disappointed in review

I was disappointed in the negative review of Summer Jo's in the May 14 paper. Unfortunately, as the column is headed, word of mouth we know that can be very powerful.

Our experience has been nothing less than outstanding, from service to food. Everyone can have an off day and perhaps Sanne should give it another try. By the way, we found the cr?me brul?e to be excellent, especially the topping, which was a perfect complement to the wonderful custard.

— We were last there for lunch on a weekday and, if the size of the crowd was any indication, not everyone agrees with the reviewer.' Sharlotte Alexander, Central Point

The choice is ours

I was reminded again today of why I left the Republican party I grew up in, and grew up to making my own political decisions based on logic and reality. Another conservative just submitted a mean-spirited letter making even prudent estate planning by John Kerry and his wife into a negative. Since when is a pre-nup anti-American? This from a Republican?

These disgusting, misleading personal attacks must stop, or we will only have money-changers running our government for many more terms. And draft-dodgers starting more no-win wars. It's destructive discourse, not thoughtful or informative. And lying about Kerry's tax proposals makes it worse. He proposes repealing the tax cuts on the rich ' not everyone.

Let's talk about the real issues ' such as, does it make sense to continue to let a group of arrogant amateurs continue to make military and economic decisions against all advice? The choice is ours. ' Kathleen Heritage, Rogue River

Deeply concerned

As a flag-waving, left-leaning moderate who vigorously supports our troops but resolutely opposed our unprovoked invasion of Iraq, I'm a deeply concerned American.

My husband, a 26-year career Marine officer, served our country during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. (He earned Legion of Merit distinction in Vietnam.) We are appalled by the Bush Cabinet neoconservatives, who began planning a secret coup d'etat in Iraq well before the 9/11 WTC tragedy. Ironically, none of the principals involved spent one day in military uniform.

The only rational Cabinet member in Bush's inner circle was General Colin Powell, and his opposing views, based on a brilliant Army career, including high-profile Gulf War experience, were disregarded. Why Powell stayed on, knowing the pitfalls of Iraq occupation, to humiliate himself before the United Nations with the trumped-up proof of Saddam's WMD, is inconceivable.

The Bush neocons presumed a heroes' welcome after Saddam's fall, not ongoing death and destruction. There will be no U.S. military bases in Iraq, as they'd planned, and we've worn out our welcome in Saudi Arabia. It's time to reexamine priorities, explore alternative fuel sources, and take care of our own! ' Joy Stewart, Phoenix