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Libertarians show true colors

So the Libertarian Party won't be happy until Oregon is last in the nation in total state taxes paid per citizen. Who cares about schools, police, higher education, roads, health care, etc., etc.? They don't. They have shown their true colors. ' Gary Lovre, Medford

Memorial long overdue

It took 59 years but we finally have a wonderful memorial dedicated to our World War II vets; it's long overdue.

My dad and mom both served and are proud that they had a part in saving our country. To think that my dad was running up on the beach on D-Day fills me with so many emotions.

The ones who survived are very special people and deserve a thank-you from each and every one of us. ' Suzanne Thomas, Jacksonville

Doesn't get any better

Well, well, well: the guy who campaigned that he knew how to manage plainly does not have a clue, and the guys and gals who had all the answers never had any questions.

Now we have hints from high muckety-mucks that a bug-out is coming; the fig-leaf is compliance with Iraqi wishes. Gosh, just weeks ago, we were setting up a sovereign government without the power to pass new laws or amend old ones; now it will have the power to ask us to leave, and we, good and gracious guests, shall not stay a moment longer than we are wanted.

— Our advance (aka, retreat) to the rear from Baghdad to Basra will be a stroll in the park. And Iraqi factions will fall to one another's arms.

So: No WMD, no bouquets from welcoming Iraqis, no free and democratic Iraq, all in return for a shock-and-awe display of firepower, billions of dollars spent, thousands of Iraqi and hundreds of American lives destroyed or damaged, and America's reputation as a decent people and a moral example sullied for the indefinite future.

I take comfort in knowing that we have a strong leader. It just doesn't get any better than this. ' Michael L. Hays, Ashland

What would you do?

You have captured a person who was armed and had every intention of killing you and anyone else who disagreed with him. His entire mission in life is to kill all those he considers an infidel because they do not subscribe to his religion.

He has made it plain that nothing you do to him will make him answer questions that could very well save the lives of any number of your friends and/or family. He has said that he is willing to die as he has no fear of death as you do. On the contrary, he welcomes it as he believes to die will make him a martyr and speed him into his heaven.

But! There is one thing that you can do to him that may very well persuade him to talk ... humiliation. Yes, simple humiliation is more painful to him than death.

Strip him before his captors. Male or female, it doesn't matter. Subject him to humiliation. If this works someone may not die. That someone could be very close to you.

What would you do? ' Bill Tope, Medford

Not buying it

Rumsfeld is quoted as saying the recently disclosed Iraqi prisoner treatment was inconsistent with the teachings of the military.

Just what do we teach the military? I served in the Air Force for 25 years during all of World War II, the Korean affair and the Vietnam action. Everywhere we went we were confronted with propaganda tending to make our enemy somewhat less than human. It is part of the culture of every warring nation to debase and to dehumanize the enemy.

While we can't condone mistreatment of anything, we must look for reasons. Demonizing tends to erase any compunctions we may have about killing.

Only after public disclosure do the brass acknowledge the occurrences. Then they must find a scapegoat. They will cry, This is inconsistent with our teaching. Then they will back away as far as possible from responsibility.

A lot of people die in wars. Do we teach killing with kindness? Do we interrogate prisoners over afternoon tea? This is what our leaders would have us believe.

This old vet isn't buying it! ' Donald W. Kitchens, Medford

Look out, Medford

I witnessed the Pride Ride biker parade Sunday on South Riverside. I watched as hundreds of bikers went by without a single incident.

I did, however, overhear some ignorant folks wonder why the city would let such a large biker gang ride right through their town. The thought of these bikers tearing up the roads and putting others in jeopardy with their total disregard for the law.

Hide the children, Medford, the bikers are here to lead them astray. Let's make those outlaws ride somewhere else next year to show their respect to the veterans ' that will teach them.

Just so you know, Medford, most of those bikers, as well as myself, are veterans! I guess we fought and our brothers died so others could complain about us tying up traffic for 10 minutes once a year!

I am a veteran, a biker and a downtown business owner. Look out, Medford, here I come! ' Steve Bozz, Medford