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Punishing ourselves

Society seems to agree that social service time can be a useful substitution for jail time. Is this based on the belief that man is redeemable and that forgiveness is a force for cure?

The shame is that we are punishing ourselves by insisting that Mr. Goldschmidt not be allowed to contribute to the social good of this state and country because of a mistake he made 30 years ago.

It is a mistake which he has tried hard to right and for which he has punished himself. It is such a disappointment that he has felt the need to resign from his role as Chairman of the Board of Higher Education.

Humans are very complicated with the dark side as well as the light. ' Alice Sours, Medford

Police could have made effort

As a participant in the Pride Ride held on Sunday, May 16, I would like to comment on how proud I was of the turnout and support shown by the various communities we rode through and the excellent support and traffic control demonstrated by their respective police departments.

The participants of the Pride Ride are ordinary citizens who enjoy biking and used that as a means to show their patriotism and respect to the veterans of this valley. They were able to raise considerable donations of clothing, comfort items and money for those vets who need assistance.

— How disappointing to learn the Medford Police Department did not want to be bothered with the small amount of effort it would have required to get the riders safely and smoothly through downtown traffic. None of the participants wanted to cause inconvenience to anyone driving downtown. An interesting note is we had a few law enforcement folks actually riding in the event.

Considering the times and the need people feel to express gratitude to veterans everywhere Medford PD, you could have made some effort. ' Gina Lee Smith, proud Eagle Point resident

What's compatible?

Medford City Council says a Wal-Mart superstore is not compatible with our neighborhood ' a place to shop with our families. But let's see the first thing you see when coming off Interstate 5 is a big yellow sign that says adult shop. Yeah, I guess the city council is right. ' Susan Fish, Medford

What debate?

Debate? What debate? It takes opposing sides to have a debate. While Dominic clearly stated his case for allowing nature to heal itself at Biscuit, Dr. John Sessions was neither for nor against salvaging the Biscuit. He simply repeated over and over again that if one wishes to salvage, one should be timely, as the costs of helicopter logging quickly overwhelm the value of deteriorating wood. He also repeatedly stated that his report on the Biscuit takes no position on salvaging the Biscuit. ' John Gerritsma, Medford

Wal-Mart or porn?

Incredible to me how the Medford City Council can wield the power to keep the Wal-Mart Super center from coming to town, but just can't seem to manage to keep the porn purveyors from hawking their wares next to ice cream shops and grocery stores. ' Dina Rudesheim, Medford

Not our celebration

Well, it happened again: the fuss over Cinco de Mayo. It certainly is special to be celebrated in Mexico, but not here in the U.S.A.

Cinco de Mayo commemorates a war victory in Mexico.

It isn't proper to celebrate another country's war victory. We are a country of many, many different immigrants! Do we celebrate German war victories? Chinese? Russian? Irish? Spanish? If we do for one, we should do for all.

Cinco de Mayo is not a celebration for Hispanics. The folks in Spain, Cuba, Argentina and elsewhere in the realms of Spanish descendants, have no connection with Cinco de Mayo.

It is solely celebrated in Mexico, by and for Mexican patriots, and that's where it belongs. ' C. Pestlin, Talent


Guess, which headline is distorted?

MT 5/20/04: U.S. attack kills 40-plus civilians

AP: Mail Tribune supports Bush election

AP: Mail Tribune supports the war on terror

Answer: All are distorted. ' Dennis H. Nelson, Medford

Warning to voters

When interviewed by reporter-author Bob Woodward, President Bush confided that he had issued the order to go to war with Iraq because God had told him to. Without any human counsel, W's mind was made up to embark on this dangerous course. This announcement may have please conservative Christians, but would Congress have signed on had they known the details? Ref: Plan of Attack, Bob Woodward.

In most court cases, when a suspect pleads that God told him to kill, he is committed to a psychiatric ward or a prison cell.

When Bush came to office, this country enjoyed peace, prosperity, the respect of the world and a large budget surplus. In 3&

189; years, Bush's horribly misguided administration has stripped the United States of everything that was good and beautiful.

Our country stands nearly alone, a pariah among nations, witness to Bush's message from God. ' Elma Beeson, Phoenix

Administration is corrupt

I'm mad. Seeing pictures from Abu Ghraib prison enrages me. I am angry at the liars who led us into this war. I am angry at those who questioned my patriotism for opposing this preemptive invasion and occupation. I am angry at the chain of command from the president on down who not only condoned, but wrote the policy on prisoner interrogations.

I am angry because of the shame those policies have wrought on our brave fighting men and women. I am angry at the transparent attempt by the Bush administration to lay all the blame on the few who got caught in the attempt to minimize their own blame. I am angry about the rape and torture of women Iraqis held without charge and faced with the choice of death or suicide upon release. I am angry because I do not feel safer knowing our government's attempts to fight terrorists have done wonders for their recruitment. I am mad because I have been robbed of my pride in America by a dishonest, arrogant and morally corrupt administration. I'm sorry, but god is not on our side. G.W. Bush should not be re-elected, he should be impeached. ' Jim Krois, Williams

Others deserve credit too

I want to thank the Mail Tribune for its timely and technically accurate article on me and my Envision software. However the article gives a serious misimpression that I feel I need to correct.

Envision is not my software. It was created by the company I run here in Ashland, Open Door Networks Inc. It is the Open Door family that deserves credit for this software.

Although I may be the visionary behind Envision, credit for actually writing the software needs to go to my colleague Paul Collins, and credit for testing and documenting the software needs to go to longtime Open Door employee Charles Whitaker. Many others have helped out as well. ' Alan Oppenheimer, president, Open Door Networks Inc., Ashland

Bon appetit

Half of Santa Monica's drinking water is polluted with the gasoline additive MTBE leaching into the ground. The Bush administration has shelved a proposal to ban this gasoline additive, protecting the industry that donated one million dollars to the Republican Party. The Bush administration has removed environmental laws that have been in place for more than 30 years, placing our quality of life in jeopardy.

Bush calls himself a conservative, but what is he trying to conserve? It isn't our air, water or natural lands. The only thing he wants to conserve is his power. The city of Santa Monica should send a gallon of water to the White House to accompany the Bush family's next dinner party. Bon appetit! ' Virginia M. Newton, Medford