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Corrosion of faith

David Carlin, in his book, The Decline & Fall of the Catholic Church in America, persuasively outlines the disastrous losses that the Church in this country has suffered through recent years. Not the least of these losses is the internal corrosion of faith and respect for authority in Catholics who have succumbed to the influences of the American Cultural Revolution.

It was with great sorrow that most believing Catholics read your front page Friday morning. ' Dave Goddard? Jacksonville

A caring community

I would like to thank the Mail Tribune, Ashland Daily Tidings and residents of Jackson County for their generosity. Recently the Tribune and Tidings inserted an envelope into their papers as part of the Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings Envelope Drive, and Jackson County residents returned the envelopes to ACCESS Inc. with donations totaling nearly &


These funds will help ACCESS Inc.'s nutrition programs bring food to those in Jackson County who need it most.

I am new to both ACCESS Inc. and to Jackson County, having just moved from Kentucky. I must admit that prior to moving here and starting with ACCESS I was grossly unaware of the numerous trials and tribulations many members of our community face, yet I have been astonished at the generosity of others in our community that are more fortunate.

Another reason I am proud to call this home. ' Scott Ford, Medford

Show him who votes

Isn't it interesting that our compassionate conservative president sees a need to cause a revision of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act to end the ability of some workers in our society to require to be paid overtime pay for overtime work?

My brother-in-law is in one of those professions and it will mean a reduction in his pay of about 30 percent (not a reduction in the hours he puts in at work, though). I suppose the employing companies, since they will be able to pay 30 percent less for wages, will lower their prices, right? And pigs will fly ' right?

Do you think his compassion might be more directed toward big business? Does big business have lots of votes? Let's show him who votes in November! ' Steve Rowley, Medford


Everyone agrees the atrocities at Abu Ghraib are deplorable and beyond description, yet why are we constantly bombarded with more of the same, other than to continually inflame the Arab world as well as our own? It wouldn't have anything to do with politics by the liberal media, would it? ' Lu Vobora, Medford

A stone box

I do not understand all the dislike of Wal-Mart's buildings and the discourse about the traffic problem. Particularly in the light of other buildings now being erected throughout the city and others around us.

Has anyone taken a really good look at our now touted wonderful Medford Library? If anything is a box, it is just that. The outside decor is rocks set in pavement, a wall of water plastered on the front of it, and the name up so high you can only see it if you walk by.

Now the old Carnegie building is situated in a park, with trees, etc., the ambience is perfect. However, our city fathers convinced everyone that this would not do for the future generations, even though with the right architect, they could have added two wings and another floor and not had a stone box downtown. ' Georgina Gipe, Medford