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Letters to the editor

Put it in perspective We need to put into perspective the abuses toward Iraqi detainees by a few rogue, inadequately trained National Guard military police vis-?-vis the commonplace atrocities practiced routinely by Muslims against infidels: read non-Muslims, especially Americans.

Muslims worldwide were not offended by the brutal slaughter of over 3,000 civilians on Sept. 11. In fact, there was dancing in the streets in many Arab countries. These same Muslims were not offended by the murder, burning, dismembering and hanging of four American contractors from a bridge, in fact there was celebration in many Arab countries.

These same Muslims were not offended by pictures of American POWs beaten or raped.

No rage here!

I acknowledge that it was wrong to abuse these Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghraib and those involved should be punished.

However, look again at the pictures of the burnt mutilated bodies hanging from a bridge or a beheading on TV and tell me, which picture was more offensive?

— There is indeed a worldwide Holy War, a continuation of the medieval Crusades. The Muslims know it, but do we? ' Carl J. Sandberg, Phoenix

Our highest priority

Has anyone considered that our highest priority as a species these days is to arrest the damage done to the Earth, humankind's common home ' in the worst-case scenario, quite possibly the destruction of all life and of terrestrial nature itself ' by our profligate ways? And that an obvious corollary to the determination to do just that is the necessity of cooperation among the peoples of the earth ' not the determination to win at war?

Unless of course you believe that the way to reach the objective of terrestrial salvation is by slaying the millions who in a sense of grievance, whether justified or not, resort to rancor, rage and irrational fury at perceived injustices. ' G. Eric Massey, Ashland

Cheese and wieners

Wayne Richards doesn't have the market on what he calls Quiche le Dog. I fed that morsel to my children in the '50s and I don't have the market on macaroni and cheese and wieners either. I can remember when I was growing up during World War II, that was our mainstay and especially at Camp Fire Girls camp.

And who knows, it could have been served as far back as 1900. Hooray for macaroni and cheese and wieners! ' Eula Worden, Central Point