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Forward spam to FTC

If spam, including dirty stuff, is getting to you, here is something you can do: Forward every bit of it to uce@ftc.gov, where the Federal Trade Commission keeps it for use in prosecuting scams. ' Kai Graff, Medford

Red light photo boxes

How about setting up numerous traffic intersections, let's say 20 intersections total, with poles and red light boxes (18 would contain empty/dummy boxes). Only pay for two sets of real photo boxes that work and move them around without notifying the public through newspaper articles.

Net result ' 20 intersections being photo enforced and only paying for two. Net result ' fewer maniacs running red lights equals safer streets, saving taxpayers money. ' Chuck Brook, Medford

Thanks for the help

Thank you, Roy Probst, owner of Valley Heating and Sheet Metal, and Don Windhovel, metal fabricator extraordinaire. I had a plan for my smudge pot for this year's Art in Bloom, but working with metal proved daunting. These two gentlemen gave me gracious and generous help when I appeared at their door with smudge pot in hand.

Their support, interest and skill were invaluable. Without their participation, my idea for Whither the Weather would have withered into oblivion. Thanks to two great guys. 'Adrienne Husum, Medford

It could happen

I would like to comment on all the homeless children having to live in shelters. It is a sad thing. It seems to me that what we need are orphanages where parents can place their children temporarily, until they can find work and get their life straightened out.

— Seems to me it would be better than foster homes. But they would have to be regulated. The older children could do chores to learn to work.

Also, the children that are complaining about the arts and music classes being removed because there just isn't enough money for every thing they want. Would they rather be homeless than do without the arts and music? If their parents could not pay the high property taxes. necessary for the arts and music, they could have their homes taken away.

They might want to think about that. It could happen! ' Julia Fletcher, Medford

Not feeling safer

Bravo, Steve Rowley. Radio tak-show host Garth Harrington was critical of Mr. Rowley's April 26 letter. I say kudos for questioning this phony patriotism rampant on talk radio.

Harrington was saying America is safer without Saddam. I don't feel one bit safer with Saddam incarcerated. I would feel safer if we put as much effort into improving America's problems rather than rebuilding a country we had no business invading. ' Liz Blumenthal, Central Point

Changing history

This is regarding the June 4 letter in the Tribune on Dead Indian Memorial Road.

On the name change for that road I, too, was mad, but for a different reason. I believe it should have stayed with its original name instead of pandering to political correctness.

In our area we have a Dead Soldier Rock. Now, should we change that because it's politically incorrect and doesn't sound nice to the tender ears of some? When people go and change names like that, in my opinion they are changing history. ' John Cernick, Prospect

Race to the bottom

Over half a million people in Oregon lack any health-care coverage, including 95,000 children. Jackson County has not been immune to this health-care crisis with one out of every 10 residents not having access to health care in 2002.

Being uninsured does not mean families are exempted from illness or injury; they still require health care. However, it does mean they are denied access to almost every physician's office and must seek medical attention at the only place required by law to provide it to them ' the emergency room. The costs incurred in the ER are then passed along to those still fortunate enough to have health insurance. However, their fortune does not last for long as health-care premiums increase by double-digit percentages and co-payments increase, forcing more families to drop their coverage.

Jackson County does not want to be the winner in the current race to the bottom of health-care access. Our county commissioners must work proactively for full funding of the Oregon Health Plan to halt the scheduled, mass exodus of 60,000 people from OHP by this time next year who will be dumped into the ever-growing pool of the uninsured. ' Matt Haney, Oregonians For Health Security, Medford

A bonehead move

Should anyone wonder why some people have second thoughts about supporting our system of education?

Regardless of the reasons/excuses given for installing artificial turf at Spiegelberg Stadium, it is, at this time, a bonehead move. ' Richard A. Perkins, Ashland

What despots do

Recent headlines: Feds: Terrorists are in U.S. and Al-Qaida to hit U.S. hard. So why terrorist threats again now, when this intelligence has been known for weeks?

The Bush administration is doing what despotic regimes do. Scare the people and stay in power. Distract and divert them when approval ratings are in free-fall. These tactics are also favored by cult leaders from Jonestown to Waco ' and by abusive parents. Terrorize the disciples/family ' then convince them that only Big Daddy can save them from the evildoers/bogeymen.

Problem for Bush is that more people now see that Big Daddy is clueless. That Big Daddy has made things worse. That Big Daddy tells big lies.

Terrorist and other violent criminal acts happen. So do accidents and fatal illnesses. I am not about to allow Big Daddy Bush to determine how much adrenaline I'm going to pump into my bloodstream. ' Lou Sequeira, Jacksonville

A little goes a long way

Our world seems so complex these days and we make things harder than we need to. All it takes is an idea, a little effort and people who care to make a big difference.

In the Liberty Park area of Medford, there are lots of kids, but nowhere for them to play. So with an idea from Larry Frank (Salvation Army Advisory Board member), the encouragement and land from The Salvation Army, the planning of Smith Irrigation, the donated work of Foley Roads and Curtius-Huntley Plumbing, along with some cash from Windermere Van Fleet and Lithia Motors, combined with a whole bunch of volunteer labor, the kids will have a small pocket park to play in by July.

Nice to know it can still be that simple today. ' Bill Maentz, Salvation Army Advisory Board member, Medford

Thanks to Bly

Seeing Bly, Ore., in the evening news reminds us of our recent trips on Highway 140. No matter what the Department of Justice thinks they have found, we thank the residents of Bly for providing The Perch, very welcome restrooms along this lonely road. ' Clyde and Genevra Melendy, Medford

Priorities fouled up

Artificial turf ... at Spiegelberg ...

1. If we were meant to play on plastic grass, it's what God would have given us.

2. &

36;700,000 for artificial turf, and the music programs are being cut at the elementary level? Ludicrous! Someone's priorities are seriously fouled up. ' James S. Melville, Medford

Political qualifications

I once considered running for public office. I soon learned my lifestyle could not accommodate the qualifications.

It seems that in order to be successful as a politician; one must lie, cheat and steal. Lie to the people about how you will be interested in their welfare, cheat them out of their vote by lying and steal the election because of the prior two actions. Truth, character and integrity must be abandoned.

One must learn to repeat uh, uh after each word or sentence when speaking. For example my uh name uh is uh, as an idiot would speak. Above all, when telling a lie, use the phrase the fact of the matter is, tell the lie and then grin.

The party must come first and when told, disregard truth and the wishes of your constituents and vote straight party lines. It matters not how harmful your vote will be for the people, all that matters is loyalty to the party and will the vote get more contributions (bribes) for re-election.

There are politicians that have retained their integrity, truthfulness and character. They are, however, as rare as a four-eyed warthog! ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

A great watch

The Carnegie building is a beautiful old building. It is a shame that it is vacant. The Southern Oregon Historical Society is looking for a new home. It would be a wonderful thing if the Carnegie could house the Southern Oregon Historical Society. It would be a great match.

The Carnegie was the old library and the Southern Oregon Historical Society has a library, plus a lot of other wonderful things. The other reason is that the Carnegie would be able to show off the exhibits from the Southern Oregon Historical Society. It would be the right size.

The best reason of all is that the Carnegie building would have the public domain it did when it was the old library .This is why the Carnegie building and the Southern Historical Society would be a great match. ' Lauren Diane Spector, Central Point

An afternoon well spent

I am writing to encourage those of you with a few spare hours to consider judging senior projects at the local high schools. No special skills are required and I promise your lives will forever be enriched because of this experience.

Having recently judged at Phoenix High School, I was very impressed with the caliber of the presentations and the range of subject matter, which included welding, wild horse adoption and martial arts, just to name a few.

Projects are usually presented at the end of May or first week of June, so please mark your calendars for next year and consider volunteering your time for this worthwhile event; you will be glad you did! ' Cindy Prewitt, Medford