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Letters to the editor

Reagan's legacy

What is Reagan's legacy? That he got people to feel so sorry for the rich that they would actually vote against funding their own welfare or medication? Hooray!

How about that he freed tens of thousands of mentally ill people to a life of abject homelessness? Or how about that he increased deficit spending by amounts never seen before or since?

Hey, maybe you might also give this letter credit for ending human ignorance! ' Thomas Beatty, Central Point

Enron's evil well-established

I strive to be a balanced interpreter, valuing sound argument over populist sentiment, but reading the recent spate of Enron revelations has made me want to punch someone.

The stories inflame, rather than inform, as Enron's unabashed evil is by now well-established. The only further newsworthy element to this fiasco will be announcing the days each one of these punks goes to prison ' real prison. And that day damn well better be coming. ' John Jayme, Talent

Inspiring ceremonies

On Tuesday, June 1, my husband and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary by attending our grandson's baccalaureate service for the 2004 graduating class of Crater High School held at Scenic Middle School. What a wonderful experience it was for us and hopefully for all who were there.

— The students who performed the songs and the young lady who did the mime were outstanding and the prayers, student testimony and speech by Mr. Gardner were an inspiration.

The following day, on June 2, we attended the graduation ceremony at Crater High School. Again, a most beautiful, well-organized and wonderful event. Jed Taucher, valedictorian, and Erich Hangartner, salutatorian, gave exceptional speeches! Karyn Lynch, Candace Manary and all those responsible for this ceremony are truly to be commended for a job well done. Thank you. ' Penny and Darwin Weathers, Central Point

A battle for the soul

I have been expressing my opinion in the Mail Tribune letters for a number of years. Recently, the editor politely informed me he feels my comments are offensive and in bad taste.

I do have a direct and hard-spoken way of expressing myself and I apologize to any good citizen I may have offended.

To you socialist liberals I have one last offensive, bad-tasting comment.

I don't understand today's liberalism. I don't understand its hate and intolerance. I don't understand its mindless denial of history, common sense and human nature. I do understand its danger to my country, my freedom and my life.

We no longer have just a difference of opinion in this country. We are in a battle for the soul of our culture, the way we live, who we want to be.

I will not sit in quiet acceptance of any disgrace or perversion the next deviant who comes down the pike can get before a liberal judge or corrupt politician. I will speak out in any venue available.

Good people, you have to get involved. Write, speak out and, most importantly, vote. It's your country; fight for it. ' Michael Patnesky, Gold Hill