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Out to destroy America

The ACLU is out to destroy America and everything the founding fathers created over 200 years ago. All of the bleeding-heart liberals denouncing the Patriot Act have become one with the ACLU. There is not much difference in their agenda.

How soon they all forgot the terror of 9/11. When the ACLU becomes all-powerful and the Patriot Act is gone and the terrorists again attack, to whom will you turn? ' Gary Endicott, Trail

Quite a contrast

The June 7, 2004, New Yorker editorial by Hendrik Hertzberg describes how the solid constitutional wall between church and state has been abrogated by President Bush. Hertzberg states Bush frequently uses evangelical code words in speeches, infers he was chosen by God, and whenever possible withholds billions of dollars from agencies who are dedicated to protect freedom of reproductive rights for women.

The administration, via executive orders and bureaucratic novelties like the White House-based Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives and Department of Health and Human Services' Compassion Capital Fund, allows the federal government to permit faith-based groups to compete for billions of dollars described as social service funding.

In reality their main purpose is often religious recruitment. These activities equal allowing religion to be part of the federal government and buying votes with taxpayers money.

On Sept. 12, 1960, Sen. John F. Kennedy said, I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute ' where no Catholic prelate would tell the president (should he be a Catholic) how to act and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to vote. Quite a contrast to the present administration. ' Ruth A. Carson, Medford

Looking at Reagan

In her recent column, Kathleen Parker gushed with praise for Ronald Reagan's courage, optimism, his oozing of manly virtues. Perhaps we should accept this example. Perhaps we ourselves should have the courage, and optimism, to clearly examine Reagan's time in office.

Yes, his relationship with Gorbachev enabled the end of the Cold War. This ability to engage with the enemy, against the advice of advisers like Richard Perle, demonstrated his optimism at its best.

But Reagan also supported the apartheid regime in South Africa, he funded death squads in Central America, he cozied up to the fascist regime in Argentina. Many times his courage and optimism seemed to come at the expense of reality. And his manly virtues did not prevent a cruel attitude toward the poor.

Yes, we will miss Reagan's example unless we are optimistic enough to say that we do not need to carve his face onto the side of a mountain to make ourselves feel good. We the people do have the power to change the world. We do not need a smiling actor to tell us that. ' Bobby Keim, Talent