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A tragic mistake

George Bush said in a letter to Congress in March that the Iraq war was: — permitted under legislation authorizing force against those who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. Yet the recent report of the 9/11 Commission concluded that there was no collaborative relationship between Iraq and al-Qaida.

This war, which will cost a trillion dollars and countless American lives, was a tragic mistake. ' Sunny Schneider, Medford

Respect and pride at North

We would like to thank R. Marrs for the concern that he clearly has for our community and our campus. He has identified an issue which is a continual challenge for us: litter.

As the student leadership organization, we take these issues very seriously. This is one of the many challenges we face, having lost teaching staff, secretarial staff and custodial staff due to lack of funding. Even with these challenges, we refuse to use this as an excuse, and are constantly working to find creative solutions to these problems.

This year our goals have been to contribute positively to our community and to promote involvement at our campus. As such, we have sponsored a blood drive and a clothing drive and donated over 100 holiday food baskets for needy families. These are just a few of the outstanding contributions of teens at our school, which I'm sure you will agree are not characteristic of lazy people who lack respect.

Let's call this what it really is: a litter problem. Let's do what we try to teach students at our school: Let's not make gross generalizations because of the actions of a few. And let's work together to find solutions. ' Lindsey Albertson and Priscilla Converse, North Medford High School student leadership (all North leadership students helped draft and signed this letter).

On a mission

George W. Bush is on a mission from God. Read: World war with Islam. Read: A new American Taliban that criminalizes gays' and women's rights.

Dick Cheney is on a mission from Halliburton. Read: Unfettered corporate greed. Read: Environmental disaster.

Bush / Cheney '04 — Really? ' S. Davis, Talent

Attention-defeating devices

I don't need or want them, and it's awesome how the power of ads take us in ' satellite TV with 500 channels of clean, digital, no-static, compact disc sound from space to your car. Wow!

The never-ending assortment of gizmos and gadgets and least, but not last, you!

While in the car, I find myself not paying attention to driving the vehicle, but instead pushing, pulling, twisting, turning and rotating way too much.

Watching television while driving a car? I mean, come on, are we so bored or stressed by our relatives or children that we need XM radio, GPS, DVDs, etc., and all the other attention-defeating devices (ADD)?

While you're driving down the road with your kids in the back crying or carrying on with you on the phone, twisting, turning, then you hear it.

Stop, Mama! Daddy, stop! Stop and think what is more important ' these things that make noise and need to be tuned in, turned off and changed, or your own family?

Get rid of that junk in your cars and drive safely. A truck driver's view. ' Scott Graves, Medford

Bush is misguided

It is my firm belief that the woman involved should be the one who decides whether or not she should carry her baby to term, but this should have no bearing on embryonic stem-cell research! President Bush is misguided in restricting a program that could hold the key to the cure of diseases and infirmities afflicting untold thousands. ' Gene Rushing, Medford