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No more years

Soaring U.S. deficits, outsourcing of millions of jobs, very high energy prices, broken treaties and international law, Mexican borders open, loss of world credibility, global warming, legal torture, no health care or living wage for millions, trade balance on a disastrous course, high medical costs, thousands of innocent people dead, 9/11 security failure.

What a wonderful record. Four more years? I certainly hope not. ' Don Schnitzer, Medford

Article fell short

An unfortunate and grossly under-investigated article was printed June 15 regarding mold at the Talent Middle School. Although the reporter was invited to attend a parent meeting to hear parental concerns, teachers' symptoms and medical diagnoses, as well as a chronology of events and complete copies of the test results, she was not there nor did she contact any of the 40 people that were present.

Fact: Teachers have been diagnosed with illnesses due to mold exposure.

Fact: Numerous students have reported symptoms of mold exposure.

Fact: The district violated OAR 437-002-0765 Workplace Safety Committee law.

— Fact: Letters to parents omit italicized and bold-typed statements from the first page of the survey warning of two severe limitations that exist in her test results.

Fact: The district has refused offers of additional testing at no cost to the district.

I feel the newspaper staff fell short of its responsibility to publish all the facts. If we wanted to read a censored version of the facts about the very real health threat of mold exposure for our children at TMS, we could re-read the letter to parents from Ben Bergreen and Patti Kinney. ' Arden Prehn, Talent

Pray for Republicans

The Iraqis have suffered worse at their own hands than anything we have done to them. Yes, and Johnny's mom lets him torture his prisoners, so we should let our boys do it too?

Are we a nation of 2-year-olds? Doesn't the Bible say, treat others as you would have them treat you?

Call me too soft to fight in today's wars. Call me quaint and outdated like the Geneva Conventions and I'll tell you that morals, principles and values don't outdate like stock options.

These Republicans are not Christians, but another doomsday cult. They openly believe in the absence of facts and support the president regardless of his failings. Hang the epistemology of it all, if it doesn't come from the likes of the Heritage Foundation or Fox News, then it's not true.

Is George W. Bush another Jim Jones or David Koresh? I'll leave that up to you. Right now, Republicans need your prayers. Pray for their deliverance, or that they could at least register as independents. Matthew 22:39, Luke 6:27. ' Tom Espinosa, Medford

Mothers must vote

They are killing our children.

The Bush administration has given &

36;28 million to the 2004 Selective Service system and that means that we as mothers need to know that a draft is coming.

I've heard rumblings of a draft starting as early as February or as late as June of 2005.

We as mothers need to stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart and say enough killing. We need to reach out to all of the mothers whose sons and daughters are trapped in a Vietnam-like war that we can't win. A war that feeds itself on the flesh of our babies.

We need to remember the other mothers who are losing their children daily in the war-torn nations where our government sits as aggressor and occupier.

The Bush administration is killing our children. We must stop them. We must all vote. 'Cindy Darnell, Shady Cove

What price victory?

You can never justify motives for declaring war if you violate the basic rights of humanity in actions such as torture. What price for victory if we sacrifice many lives, wealth and our honor?

This administration has lied and violated the tenets of decency in the terrible march toward disaster in Iraq. Although a confession of mistakes would at least clear the air of charges of intentional worldwide deception, it is much too late to consider this a minor lapse of good judgment. This abysmal failure should mandate total defeat in the November elections of those responsible from the top down. ' Jean Kilby, Medford

Conservatives mean, too

I have been expressing my opinion in the Mail Tribune letters for a number of years. I do have a direct way of expressing myself and I apologize to any good citizen I may have offended. To you mean-spirited conservatives I have another comment. I don't understand your meanness. I don't understand your hate and intolerance. I don't understand your mindless denial of history, common sense and human nature.

I do understand your danger to our country, my freedom and my life. We no longer have just a difference of opinion in this country. We are in a battle for the soul of our culture, the way we live, who we want to be. I will not sit in quiet acceptance of any disgrace or perversion any intolerant meany who comes down the pike can get before a mean-spirited judge or corrupt politician. I will speak out in any venue available.

Good people, you have to get involved. Write, speak out and, most importantly, vote. It's our country; fight for it. ' Joseph Zajac, Medford

A logical fallacy

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, when speaking recently of the missing weapons of mass destruction, made the most amazingly illogical statement:

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Lest the reader doubt that this statement contains a blatant logical fallacy, let me pose the following hypothetical statement:

Donald Rumsfeld is a communist, homosexual bigamist who enjoys having sex with animals.

Outrageous, you say ' to which I answer, Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. ' Mari Morsell, Medford

Thanks to WinterSpring

Sometimes the obituaries get personal. In the last month I have attended the funerals of two dear members of our community.

Grieving together helps us acknowledge our individual loss, but after the ceremony we often grieve alone. WinterSpring helped me during that tough time seven years ago when I lost my husband. They are still helping.

Thank you, WinterSpring. ' Sharon Heisel, Central Point

Incompetence not funny

Incompetence in Washington might be as funny as The Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight if it weren't so tragic.

Incompetence reigns with a president who bankrupted three or four companies while trying to find oil in Texas, and instead of going after the terrorists of 9/11, got conned by a jolly Iraqi con man into starting a war to find Iraqi WMDs that didn't exist.

Then there's the attorney general who has yet to come up with any significant convictions and whose Keystone Kops FBI shuffles papers, misses critical terrorist warnings and buries whistle blowers.

Consider the incompetence of the administration refusing to repudiate torture, that paid &

36;43 million to the Taliban, has nine members of the Defense Policy Board simultaneously sitting on defense contractors' boards and virtually guarantees a government job to anyone who gives &

36;100,000 to Bush's campaign ' and the list goes on.

Don Knotts made incompetence funny. George Bush's incompetence has cost more than &

36;200 billion and the lives of more than 800 young America ' and that's not funny. ' Don Stone, Ashland

Something smells fishy

It seems like the big move for the sports park is going on. Wal-Mart buys current site even if they can't build? Right! Something smells fishy here. One major question: Why is a sports park where children play going to be located next to an adult store and an old dilapidated motel with heaven knows what going on?

Is the county getting money-hungry? Where is the concern for our children? It seem to me that money talks, not conscience.

Where will this beautiful valley be in five to 10 years when there is no thought for our future? Any business with money can come here and build whatever they want, no matter what the people want!

I hope I'm wrong, but as I stated previously, something smells fishy. ' Carol McCollough, Medford

What's the difference?

Why is it OK for a proposed sports park in Medford to build a concrete-and-steel vehicle bridge over Bear Creek in the Greenway, but when a much smaller bridge is proposed for a golf course in Ashland the committee says no? What is the difference?

The Greenway Committee should be happy that someone wants to make the Greenway useable and not full of trash trees, blackberries and homeless camps. We saved the Bear Creek Greenway so we could put it to good use.

What better use than the green of a golf course or a sports park? ' Kevin Lurch Martin, sports director, KDOV Radio, Medford

Touch of class

I read John Darling's article concerning the former Busch home on Ridge Road in Ashland with nostalgia and sadness. My family and the Busch family had been friends for many years as well as many of their Ashland neighbors. Their home was a gathering place for many grand events as well as neighborhood barbecues.

Mrs. Busch added that touch of class that made her home a special place for everyone to enjoy. A touch that the new owners do not appear to have. ' Phil Selby, Ashland

Shame on both

Shame on you, Ivend Holen, for your disrespectful letter and shame on you, Mail Tribune, for even printing it. ' Dorothy Curtis, Medford

Remove him

Wherever we look, we see disaster in our natural world, a great deal of it caused by George W. Bush and his companions. The air we breathe, the water we drink, our priceless old-growth forest, our national parks ' this man seems to think he is above not only international law, but also the laws of nature. Let us remove him from a position of control as soon as is humanly possible. ' Virginia C. Lemon, Ashland

Enough already

The big, juicy scandal will never end. Each day we see another chapter of the same old stuff. Now the latest big cheese is determined to add another facet to the drama ' just keep digging for more dirt.

Don't worry, Mr. Kulongoski, just keep your own nose clean and let the matter drop. I'm sure Mr. Goldschmidt has suffered enough, to say nothing of the woman in question. ' Mercedes McKean, Medford