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Statement is true

Mari Morsell claimed Rumsfeld's statement, Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, is the most amazingly illogical statement.

In logic, a statement is either true or false. The statement by Rumsfeld is a true statement. In 1942, there was no evidence that gold existed in California. Yet, the gold did exist.

Tom Espinoza claiming These Republicans are not Christian is un-Christian. Joseph Zajac thinks conservatives are mean. Conservative Christian Republican President Reagan liberated millions. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

BLM promotes destruction

In a recent guest opinion, timber industry advocate Dave Hill suggested taking the offer from the environmental community to working together on noncontroversial forest thinning activities on public land.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Land Management continues to promote destructive old-growth logging on public land with sales like Pickett Snake, which they just lost in court, and the Kelsey Whisky timber sale.

Kelsey Whisky would log old growth within the Zane Grey Roadless area above the Wild Rogue River while destroying spotted owl habitat.

— Thanks to all of the great folks with Greenpeace, Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, and the community for resisting the BLM's efforts to log our ancient forests. I hope those folks who have not made it to the forest rescue station at Kelsey Whisky will make it up for the family weekend on the 26th and 27th. For more information, visit and . ' Derek Volkart, Ashland

More on St. Andrew's

I enjoyed the wonderful article last Sunday about St. Andrew's Church, but would add a couple of thoughts.

We always mention the name of Bruce Butte in passing, but Father deserves more credit than ever he gets. Yes, it was his idea to restore the church, but he was active in the restoration, too, as artist and draftsman and as laborer. After the job was done, he served the community as deacon and priest until his retirement some years later.

No story of St. Andrews would be complete without mention of the dedicated service of then-Deacon George Moore and Father Bert Davies. For more than 12 years, George did the deacon's work with energy and good humor and Father Bert preached the Gospel faithfully, even those parts we didn't want to hear.

More than a building or a rose garden, a church is the spirit of Christ alive, not just on Sunday for an hour, but all week in the lives of its people. I've been blessed to minister for the last five years to just such a group, and I'm grateful. ' Father Joe Raymaker, Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit, Jacksonville and Montague, Calif.

Thanks to Reagan

Thank you, Ronald Reagan. You were the greatest. I'm proud to have voted for you three times.

As governor, you put a broken state back on its feet. As president, you built a strong economy out of the economic ruins Jimmy Carter left behind. You restored an enfeebled military.

You faced pagans overseas and headhunters at home, and won on both fronts. Without the loss of any lives, or the dropping of any bombs, you engineered the collapse of the ugliest and most murderous government in history.

Your decency and genuine love for your people and respect for our White House were special qualities.

Your administration was this nation's high water mark. ' Ron Smith, Medford

Vote for Kerry

The recent 9/11 hearings confirm that we know very little about al-Qaida's capability to attack us again. This is because George Bush chose to invade Iraq rather than putting our resources into tracking down those who pose a serious terrorist threat to American citizens.

The conduct of the occupation, withdrawal of several allies from the already tiny coalition, and recent prisoner abuses in Iraq confirm our many missteps. Even retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni has called for resignations at the highest level of Bush's Pentagon.

John Kerry will rebuild our international alliances and modernize our armed forces. As a decorated veteran who risked his own life to save his comrades, he is uniquely qualified to lead us in this difficult time. Please join me in voting for a return to reality, sensibility and honor in our foreign policy. Vote for John Kerry for president. ' Tonya Graham, Ashland