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No problem with care

As David Asche points out in his letter printed in the June 20 edition of the Mail Tribune, there is a problem with health insurance in this country. There is no problem with health care. We here in the USA have the finest health care in the world.

Mr. Asche states that the Kerry health-care plan (read health insurance plan) will save almost &

36;300 million! How can the government save &

36;300 million by spending more? Ask yourself, just who pays for Kerry's grandiose plan? And isn't it interesting to note that candidate Kerry wants to give us something just at election time?

Asche criticizes President Bush as being a tool of wealthy contributors, including some of the largest pharmaceutical and health-care companies while Kerry wants to increase payments to the same group by making the government pay them instead of individuals. Is this not making the government the collecting agency for wealthy contributors, including some of the largest pharmaceutical and health-care companies?

If I may quote the late Ronald Reagan ( bitterly attacked in letters in the Mail Tribune) Government is not the answer, government is the problem! ' Martin Sullivan, Brookings

Scaring the children

I was absolutely appalled by the display of Jesus-lovin' people at the Medford Cruise, June 19, a family event we go to every year. We were at Alba Park watching the cars go by and you have this group of people walking around with a man covered in blood attached to a cross and people whipping and beating him. I had to cover my son's eyes. He's too young to understand. It scared a lot of children.

Let alone their band playing in the park was so loud you couldn't even hear the cars revving up their motors. They were preaching to everyone that we should join them otherwise we're all the devil. What gives them the right to shove their religion down our throats? You don't see me showing up at their Sunday events disrupting it and pushing my beliefs.

— Show a little respect and taste. Turn it down and think of an appropriate time and place to get your message across. If anything, after a display like that, it only scared people away. ' Nisa Welch, Medford

Not a small portion

I am puzzled by the comment made on June 15 by Dave Schott of the Southern Oregon Timber Industries Association to the effect that people from Greenpeace represent ... a small portion of the population. Where has he been for the past several decades?

We who are actual members of Greenpeace number in the thousands of thousands. We who want clean air, clean water and the beauty of the natural world represent the great majority of the American people. ' Rebecca Holt, Ashland