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Become a donor

OK! Summer is here. Do you have a signed donor card? Have you instructed your survivors not to interfere with your wish to donate?

If yes, thank you.

If no, please consider that someday it may be a donor who saves your life.

Please don't think it can't happen to you. You just do not know what the future holds.

One year ago, on July 10, I got the call that a donor had been found for me. This is a life-changing experience. You go from thinking of your life in terms of days or months to thinking you're good for another 20 years!

Life is good! Please do not leave this earth with an organ that could save a life. You'll never know what you've done, but every day someone will say a prayer of thanks for you. ' Wayne Martin, Medford

Think it through

Okay, let's think this through. Radical militant Muslims blow us up and hack off the heads of civilians and we come back with the old women's panties on the head torture treatment and for the left-wing adolescents in the news media, that is the big story that blows the beheading right off the front pages. And it doesn't stop.

The panties torture story and its endless sequels go on and on with as many twists as the corkscrew psyches of the news media can imagine. Enough already. Shut up, sit down and let grownups deal with what truly is a war we cannot afford to ignore or spin and so, lose. ' Lowell Nicolaus, Butte Falls

Thoughts on golf course

I am compelled to comment on the June 23 articles on the proposed Billings Ranch Golf Course.

To a point, I agree with the editorial that a golf course is more appealing than yet another housing tract. Since our planners seem driven to build on all available open space, at least a golf course would offer the illusion of undeveloped land. However, should that golf course add to the ills of Bear Creek or in any way negatively affect the Greenway, then the proposal should be denied.

In addition, I find it shocking, irritating and insulting that Sue Kupillas has stated she wouldn't be reading any of the public comment e-mails that have clogged her mailbox. Hopefully, Sue Densmore will have more respect for public comment. ' J. Ellicott, Jacksonville

Making us less secure

The Bush administration is making Social Security less secure. Their plans to privatize this important program for us seniors will require cuts in benefits.

At the same time, Bush is raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to subsidize his out-of-control budget. By the time the largest group of American retirees in our history really need Social Security benefits, there may be very little left. Do we really trust private companies to have our best interests in mind?

To add insult to injury, the Bush Medicare plan has raised prescription drug and medication costs while reducing health care options for millions of Americans. It seems this president is more concerned with pharmaceutical company profits than the health of our citizens. We can all send a message in November that the American people will not put up with this kind of treatment any longer.

Vote for John Kerry. ' Larry Aerni, Medford

Beginning to understand

I think I am beginning to understand the Bush logic.

If a group of terrorists from Saudi Arabia attack your country, killing almost 3,000 innocents, you should express outrage by attacking Iraq and killing more than 3,000 innocent civilians. If middle-class and poor Americans need economic help ' give tax breaks to the rich.

If you want to leave no child behind, you should cut funding for Head Start. To restore dignity to the White House ' exaggerate WMD threats, cozy up to Enron, oil companies and Halliburton.

Using the Bush logic, if I sprain my ankle, I should put ice on my wife's wrist.

Fortunately, Bush's era of arrogant recklessness, deception, greed and incompetence will soon end as I predict a record turnout on election day to oust this dangerous leader. ' Darryl Edington, Eagle Point