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Letters to the editor

Anti-Kerry vandals strike

We've had a Kerry for president bumper sticker on our car since March. For a week in July, the car sat in a parking lot in the Rogue River National Forest while my wife and children attended an adjacent church camp. (The same parking lot is used by other forest visitors who are not attending the camp.)

At some point during the week, some person or persons unknown expressed their political opinions by attempting to scrape off the Kerry sticker with a sharp object. The attempt was not fully successful, but in the process they left a half dozen deep gouges in the surrounding paint. Professional repainting on our two-year-old minivan would cost several hundred dollars.

This is the state of political discourse in 2002: petty vandalism. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised when our vice president sets the tone with his choice of words on the Senate floor. ' Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

Claim doesn't hold water

Greg Walden is still claiming that good science did not support the Klamath irrigation shutoff in 2001, but still fails to mention that good science did not support allowing irrigation to continue, either, because studies on the issue were virtually nonexistent.

The massive fish die-off that occurred the following year, when irrigation-as-usual was allowed in spite of another severely dry year, should certainly have told both Walden and the agencies that irrigation is taking too much water out of the Klamath system, but they refuse to acknowledge it. This is, after all, an election year.

The Endangered Species Act does not need modernization. Those demanding its weakening need to change their thinking. It is not likely that we will see a true effort to meet the needs of all Klamath stakeholders ' Indians, farmers, fishermen, and wildlife ' as long as the official attitude continues to be embodied in the big silver bucket brigade monument on the front lawn of the Klamath County courthouse.

— Greg Walden's misinformation campaign and a one-sided discussion of the need to change the ESA do nothing to improve the situation. ' Carol Ampel, Medford

Dearth of greatness

Democrats just aren't getting it. They seem to think that their jealousy-driven diatribe against Ronald Reagan will detract from his greatness, and this somehow will compensate for the appalling dearth of greatness in their own party.

It doesn't work that way. Even if they could reduce Reagan to the lowest common denominator, (Clinton, Gore, Kerry, etc.), it would be a negative act. They need to build up their own party, and that isn't happening.

By concentrating their strength in the Northeast, where liberals, labor unions and leftist judges are rotting out America's soul, they condemn themselves to a continuing downward spiral in quality. Oh, they'll grow in numbers. Our crumbling education system and illegal immigration will supply them with plenty of recruits.

But those won't supply them with a Ronald Reagan. ' Ron Smith, Medford