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Democrats' Watergate'

What! Another Watergate in the making? Sandy Berger, national security adviser in the Clinton administration, illegally removed highly sensitive above top secret documents from the National Archives.

Sandy stuffed these secret documents in his trousers, yet claims it was done so inadvertently, ' really? What sane person can believe this outrageous explanation? To compound matters, he cannot locate some of these documents and he was Clinton's national security adviser! More Clintonian pie-in-the-sky excuses.

If Sandy had been a Republican, can you picture the outrage forthcoming from the Democrats! Since Sandy is a loyal Democrat, their response is it's no big deal. It challenges our credulity that concealing top secret documents pertaining to al-Qaida is no big deal. One can surmise this was an attempt to sanitize Clinton's mishandling vis-?-vis pre-9/11 terrorist activity.

Chuck Colson went to jail for much less; will Sandy walk because he is a Democrat? We all know Democrats are held to a lower standard than Republicans. Frightening to learn that Sandy was under consideration for a position in a possible Kerry administration. ' Carl J. Sandberg, Phoenix

Bush is no leader

I'm grateful to live in a country where I have the freedom to choose a leader instead of being told who my leader should be. It's obvious that G.W. Bush isn't a leader!

A sitting president is for all the people including those who vote for and against him ... but the NAACP found out GW isn't a president for all people in the United States. No, I'm not black, am not a member of the NAACP, but a white 60-year-old senior citizen who G.W. has stuck it to, who will gladly vote the Kerry/Edwards ticket and get G.W. out of the people's White House.

— Praise be to the over 1,100 troops sent to their death in Iraq by an arrogant man. How good it will be to have people in the White House who care about the little guy! What did Bush do with the &

36;612,000 Enron gave him? ' P. Melega, Grants Pass

Kerry's forest plan

John Kerry and John Edwards offer a forest plan based in part on creating jobs in forest restoration as well as fire protection ' with no logging of old-growth trees. The Kerry-Edwards stewardship of our public lands will bring greater health and safety to both people and trees. And we would all benefit from additional restoration of our confidence in our government!

Please register and vote for Kerry-Edwards, plus vote for our Southern Oregon candidates who are supporting Kerry-Edwards: Alan Bates, Peter Buckley, Sue Densmore and John Doty. Thank you. ' Julia Tucker, Ashland

Kerry cares for people

I want to let you know why I am choosing John Kerry and why I believe he will be a far better president and leader of our country. He has the heart of we, the people in his heart and mind ' our health, our well-being, our children. I have never felt the American people so taken advantage of and disrespected as I have under this current administration.

The Kerry/Edwards ticket is a strong one. It will send a message to the world that America is back in caring, sensible, trustworthy and powerfully focused hands. It's time to make our voices heard and to make sure that the majority vote counts this time. ' Glenda Feinsmith, Ashland

Team thanks Wal-Mart

On behalf of the Ashland Bandits 12-U girls softball team, I would like to thank the Talent Wal-Mart. Their donation, in support of sending the team to state, was not expected, but greatly appreciated.

So many people are against Wal-Mart coming into their town, but do they realize that they support our children by donating or allowing them to use their facilities to have car washes. Thank you again, Talent Wal-Mart, from the girls, the coaches and the parents. ' Ronda Scoggins, Medford