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Smart women outnumber men

Kudos for Debbie Herzog and all the women who have been writing those intelligent letters. They outnumber the men 10 to one. Maybe when women reach full equality in all spheres of our society their intelligence will be recognized, and maybe life will be better.

It would appear that some guys are interested more in sports, sex, TV and random thoughts of nothing! Keep the letters coming, ladies, my late wife is cheering somewhere. 'Dr. Budd Gottlieb, Ashland

Gun control oppressive

The video, Innocents Betrayed, documents how oppressive civilian disarmament/gun control cleared the way for 170 million unarmed and innocent people being murdered by their own governments during the 20th century. Access or call 262-673-9745. Innocents Betrayed rebukes, debunks and discredits James Snyder's anti-gun letter (Aug. 5).

Incidentally, a .38 caliber revolver remains an effective, economical, and affordable life insurance/house protection policy for the free-thinking citizen. ' James A. Farmer, Ashland

Far from fat cats

Isaac Walker said that only hand-picked fat cat Republicans would hear Cheney on his visit. Another example of Democrats saying anything they want without regard for the truth.

My wife and I walked into Republican headquarters and got two tickets (free) for the event. We weren't asked if we were Democrats or Republicans and we're far from being fat cats. ' Bob Klein, Jacksonville

What's the difference?

Regarding last week's article about the possible reinstatement of the draft of our young men and women, an analogy came to mind relative to this year's Jackson County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.

Through 4-H, my daughter has successfully raised her first-ever market pig this year. This pig was raised in an ideal country environment, fed the best food and clean water, nurtured as a pet, and as part of our family, then sold, as expected, at the auction when it reached market weight for slaughter.

On the other hand, I have raised my two daughters in as ideal an environment as possible to ensure their healthy maturity as positive contributors to and valuable members of our community.

What is the difference between raising a pig or a child to maturity? We slaughter and eat the pig.

What is the draft likely to ensure for our sons and daughters? ' Rachel Myren, Applegate

Maximum sentencing a blight

Renee Mitchell writes out of ignorance about her topic. Maximum sentencing is a blight on our country.

It is estimated that at least 10 percent incarcerated in the prisons in Oregon are innocent; we are talking about 1,300 people here. The state gets paid big bucks from the federal government for housing people, not educating them.

My son was a model citizen all his life, raised two beautiful, responsible children, holds the Silver Beaver award for his volunteer work in scouting, and because he was working part-time for extra money to help his daughter go to college, he got involved with a bunch of street-wise druggies who saw a chance for a lawsuit with the county, he is doing 70 months in prison under mandatory sentencing. The state gets paid big bucks to house him, so naturally all the appeals are denied although the state attorneys can't find the crime he was convicted of in the transcripts of the trial.

Keep building prisons and soon half the state will be incarcerated. Keep it up, you could be next. They will open the prison as soon as they convince you more taxes are needed to run it. ' J. Carstens , Medford

A contrasting view

Your editorial addresses separation of church and state. Yet again, be reminded, that is not a constitutional directive. Nor is freedom from religion.

Your editorial criticizes the Bush campaign with no contrasting editorial view about the Kerry campaign. Seen many Dem photo ops at black churches? While both parties are, and have been, guilty of this, it appears to be only when the anglo churches are involved that separation is an issue. ' Mark Broughton, Medford

Why we need John Kerry

He has his priorities straight. Rather than more servicemen dying and injured in Iraq, rather than more weapons and equipment sent to Iraq, rather than more retired servicemen being recalled and rather than more money spent in Iraq, John Kerry cares about affordable health care for all, higher wages and, above all, fully funded schools. ' Margaret Schweitzer, Talent

Thanks to fair manager

To Jackson County Fair manager Chris Borovansky: Congratulations on putting Planned Parenthood in its place. There is no place at the family-oriented Jackson County Fair for teenagers to create condom necklaces.

The goal of Planned Parenthood seems to be to desensitize family fairgoers to its in-your-face and out-of-place message. Thank you for setting them straight! ' John Pumilia, Grants Pass