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Letters to the editor

Worth coverage

Tuesday's important news about John Kerry wasn't that his local staff issued tickets for a campaign event before receiving the appropriate permits. Worth front-page coverage was Kerry's public statement that yes, even knowing beforehand that no WMDs would be found, he would still have voted to authorize the Iraq war.

If failure to find WMDS undercuts the pro-war rationale, Kerry's position is equally undermining to the anti-war side and worth coverage in this newspaper. ' Lyndon Cramer, Medford

Why support the war?

While Kerry is in town I hope he will answer this question. Since a vast majority of Democrats oppose the war in Iraq, why do he and and most of the Democratic politicians continue to support a war that we can never win? I will never support Nader, but it pains me to have to vote for a supporter of this insane war. ' Larry Laitner, Ashland

A Democrat for Bush

I recently read a letter in the Mail Tribune from a registered Republican who will be voting for Sen. Kerry in the upcoming election. I would like to say that I am a registered Democrat that will be voting for President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Although I voted for former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, I feel President Bush has been the best choice for our country during the last four years, and will continue to be in the next four years. He has defended us, protected us, and has given Americans hope for the future. He also has a wife who knows what class is!

Please join me in voting to keep our country full speed ahead into a peaceful and bountiful future. Bush-Cheney 2004! ' Jennie Simmons, White City

Bush should finish job

Do terrorists have to bomb your home and kill your family for you to get it? President Bush did not cause 9/11. He was not CEO of Enron. He hasn't beheaded anyone. Our economy is in ruins because of 9/11 and a few CEOs.

He spent months trying to work with the United Nations, and then showed the world that we won't stand by and let terrorism take hold. Do you believe terrorists can be reasoned with? I believe we went to war in Iraq because Bush believed that was the logical place to start.

WMDs are immaterial. I suggest that Saddam bragged he had amassed WMDs, and because of the United Nations' lack of guts and loyalty, if it exists, it's well hidden.

We can have a Democratic president five years from now, if it's that important to you. President Bush should finish his job. Sitting in spectator seats doesn't qualify anyone for president. ' Judy Nathan, Eagle Point

Give us a hint

According to President Bush, his qualification for re-election is his criticism of Sen. Kerry. I wish Mr. Bush would give us a hint as to how he plans to run this country. But I guess he hasn't any idea.

And his shirt-tailers in Congress are just as vague. Get rid of all of them. ' Roy Shaw, Ashland

Cell phone was culprit

I saw a car accident yesterday. A cell phone was the culprit.

A young man sat at the left turn signal on Jackson and Riverside talking on his phone. suddenly he turned left right after another car came across Riverside and the young man didn't give that car enough time to pass when he just jumped right out there to turn and took the back bumper and probably some of the fender with him.

Then he sat there for a moment, as we all did. My light turned green and I moved out ' then the young man suddenly shot around the corner into a parking lot, coming very close to my left fender.

Driving in our town is a great responsibility. That word responsibility seems to have been shoved to the back of the closet sometimes. We should really take it out and look at it and maybe even study it once in a while. ' Linda Francis, Medford

Article shows slant

Your article, Cheney visit cost local taxpayers &

36;30,000 in the Aug. 4 issue caught my attention. In this article, you make it seem like the Bush-Cheney campaign spent a ridiculous amount of money on the visit that was not theirs.

They did not spend that money, the organizers did. You said yourself that the Cheney campaign was paying for &

36;14,000 required for the use of the facility.

As for John Kerry's visit, if it costs less, that's because the extra security won't be required because so many people have been brainwashed by the political slant expressed in the media, including this newspaper. I wonder if you will even bother printing an article like this one when the Kerry-Edwards campaign visits. ' Hannah Martins, age 12, Annandale, Va., visiting grandparents in Grants Pass