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An arrogant attitude

Britt and its land-use planner have shown an arrogant attitude by assuming the right to have their Jacksonville neighbors' property condemned. Threats of attorneys and conflict are mentioned if the master plan is not approved. It appears to this Jacksonville resident that Britt, being a commercial business, will go to any length to advance its agenda.

Moreover, I've purchased my last concert ticket until Britt can convince me they are respectful, worthy neighbors. ' Gordon B. Allen, Jacksonville

Vote no on 37

A so-called takings compensation initiative, Measure 37, on your ballot is being reintroduced for the fall election.

Although the ballot title sounds good, paying taxpayer money to some people because they can't do anything they want with their land is special interest demanding a ransom from us all. If passed, this measure would open the floodgates to land-use lawsuits and degrade the livability of our towns and neighborhoods.

Residential neighborhoods could see such things as car lots, auto body shops, bars, cell phone towers or even a pig farm. Property values and quality of life decrease, government red tape and taxes increase.

No matter how it's sliced, Measure 37 is a turkey. Sponsored mostly by corporations, this measure, if passed, benefits a few people at a huge cost to the rest of us.

— A vote against Measure 37 is a vote against corporate meddling in our lives. ' Steve Williams, Williams

Wake up, America

We need a new ethos of individual responsibility and caring. We need a new definition of civil society which answers the unanswerable questions posed by both market forces and the governmental ones, as to how we can have a society that fills us up again and makes us feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

The Democratic Party, historically and currently, promotes and strives for these lofty goals.

It's ironic that the above quote is attributed to Lee Atwater, who was feared for his ruthless attacks on Democrats while working for Presidents Reagan and Bush and whose tactics the Republican Party has adopted for its central theme. Only when dying of cancer at age 40 did Mr. Atwater realize the importance of our nation's people over money and power used for self-serving purposes.

May such a revelation strike all of our politicians and voters. ' Phil Nickel, Grants Pass

The way of the coward

There is nothing more terrorizing than having someone shooting at you and trying to take your life. Such is the case with John Kerry. He shot back and attacked those who were trying to take his life and the lives of his friends.

George Bush, on the other hand, cut and ran when no one was shooting at him. Such is the way of the coward.

In the political spectrum the coward attempts to bring others down to his level, knowing that he cannot rise to theirs. Hence we have dirty-attack politics attempting to bring others down to the level of the ... ' Charles Jacobs, Selma

Not a town meeting

The Associated Press ran an article a couple days ago. It talked about President Bush giving a town meeting presentation in Beaverton. The term town meeting was incorrect as the meeting was by invitation only.

A town meeting by its very expression means it is open to the public at large. Also a town meeting means people can ask any questions of the presenter. Since Mr. Bush did not allow questions, this is not a town meeting. ' Mary Wright, Medford

Thanks to volunteers

My sincere gratitude to the 240 volunteers who performed an amazing job at the Kerry event. All of you were professional, caring and talented individuals who stepped forward and worked hard to insure an extremely successful rally.

The Kerry advance team set the positive tone and every person involved carried that spirit forward to the 7,000-plus people in attendance. I especially want to thank our leaders and captains: Tom Mathieson, John and Linda Sanders, Joanne Steele, Mari Morsell, Rick Sawyer, Kurt Staicoff, Bob Wade, Julie Norman and my untiring husband, Doug McDonald. Their talents and leadership exceeded expectations. Democratic Headquarters staff including Jason, Alisa, Jean, Mary, Milt and numerous others was absolutely awesome. According to word from the Kerry Campaign, Southern Oregon Democrats are without a doubt the most positive, intelligent and hard-working people they've encountered! You rock! Jackson County is Kerry country! ' Jean McDonald, Kerry event volunteer coordinator, Medford

Kerry was impressive

I am an Independent and was one of the many folks at the Kerry rally last week. It was inspiring and a great piece of political theater.

John Kerry was impressive; observing his words and actions I took away the belief that he can see the creator in other people. I believe this is important in a leader; this ability fosters compassion and the willingness to try to understand people, their viewpoints and conditions.

Some might say this is a sign of weakness. To that I say, Do not confuse aggression with strength.

I believe strength comes from a much deeper place; aggression comes from fear. At this time in our world we cannot act out of fear, which will cloud our judgment.

We need a leader to look up to, not one that plays to our baser urges. ' John Dodero, Jacksonville

Wonder what it means

Well, I read in the Mail Tribune that Friday, both Bush and Kerry arrived in Portland for competing rallies in this swing state of Oregon. Boy ' Washington finally figured out where we are located. Bush spoke to a group of local businessmen and GOP leaders, by invitation only ' 2,000 people showed up.

Kerry held a public rally on the waterfront, open to everyone, and 45,000 people showed up. Hmmmmmm. Wonder what this means? ' Robert Horton, Medford

Flip flop or cow flop

Predictable. Bush is playing the flip flop card again.

Let's see. John Kerry has made a few decisions which he has had the intelligence to modify in light of the facts. The Bush administration has made many bad decisions and continues to try to justify them in spite of the facts.

Take your pick, flip flop or cow flop. ' Peter DeGroot, Ashland

Real vets know

John O'Neill should collect his check from Karl Rove and go home. Real vets from Vietnam know what happened there. We're not going to buy into his lies and distortions any more. He failed miserably under Henry Kissinger, and president Nixon's instructions on how to go after John Kerry. To make John Kerry a lie. When he was a bought-and-paid-for lie all along.

John Kerry's record can be retrieved and looked at. Times and places. Not like Bush, who doesn't have a clue. Yes, John O'Neill once again is calling the United States Navy a liar. ' Former Sgt. Michael Long, Trail, USMC, Vietnam