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Move letters, too

I suggest that it would be most appropriate that the Mail Tribune move Doonesbury to the editorial page and the pro-Bush letters to the comic page. ' Jerry Haas, Jacksonville

The real Vietnam issue

The time has come to fight fire with fire.

John Kerry's Vietnam War record has been shamelessly attacked in an ad that even Republican Sen. John McCain has condemned.

It appears that the national media has been stifled regarding what is the real Vietnam War issue in this campaign ' the cover-up of President Bush's AWOL from his National Guard duty for an extended period of time during that era.

We are urged to contact our elected representatives and demand a full-scale investigation into the AWOL cover-up. Bush's official military records were tampered with and someone must be held accountable.

And Bush must be asked point-blank at the debates about his disengagement from his military unit during the Vietnam era. (A one-liner won't do, George.)

— Imagine the right-wing outrage if it was Kerry, not Bush, whose military records are such a mystery. FOX News would have a heyday! ' Joy Stewart, Phoenix

A public service

Commendations for your public service in publishing (Aug. 17) as front page headline news essential information on the widening U.S. income gap. It will help the citizens make a rational and informed choice in the November elections.

Despite what the quoted economist foolishly but typically says in the final paragraph, presidential and congressional political, fiscal and tax policies have a great deal to do with the economic and social situation of the vast majority of Americans.

Tax cuts that benefit middle income and working class Americans instead of the very rich is one such action that would help, as would raising the minimum wage. A universal health and dental care and prescription drug insurance plan, with built-in cost controls, and paid for by progressive taxation, is another.

Increased housing subsidies for lower-income families and college grants instead of loans to worthy students are other steps that would enable lower-income people to move ahead. Making effective the right to organize labor unions for collective bargaining would be a giant step forward for millions of workers and their families. There is plenty a caring Congress and president can do to make life better for the great majority. ' Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

Headline news?

The MT's headline, U.S. income gap, with the conclusion: The difference between America's haves and have-nots has expanded over the last 20 years.

By Leigh Strope, The Associated Press.

The article utilized only the mean of a group of numbers. Research should at least include the range, mode and median of the group of numbers before drawing any conclusion.

Also not taken into account is the fact that many don't declare all their income. We have a strong economy and we have a strong under the table economy. Jobs are not scarce.

Limited by space, I cannot submit other examples of how the mainstream press has a bias against President Bush. In the 60s I became an independent when I concluded the Democrats were manipulating the blacks. I became a Republican when I realized the press was helping the Democrats manipulate the blacks. Also, I decided that the Republicans must have something to offer if they are able to coexist with a hostile press. My 60s insights have been validated because the blacks are still on the Democrats' plantation and Republican Ronald Reagan liberated millions.

President Bush is liberating millions and the press is hostile. ' Bill Hartley, Medford