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Thanks for paint

The staff and drivers of Phoenix Talent Laidlaw Education Services would like to give appreciation and thanks to Jeff Hall, manager of ICI Paints, 2720 Crater Lake Highway, Medford, for his generous donation of paint for our bus barn!

Thanks to Jeff, our drivers' room is now clean, cozy and comfy. Thanks so much, Jeff. ' Diana Whitmire, Talent

Threw away respect

John Kerry is trapped in a time warp. He expects us to ignore a Senate career of voting against the military and against the intelligence capabilities of this nation. Rather, we are invited to re-live the Vietnam era.

I remember those times, vividly. And I will never forget the face, twisted with hate, of the anti-war protester who spit on my military uniform.

I also recall the SDS and the Weather Underground. Do you remember the violence in the streets? The tear gas, the burning of our colleges and the desecration of our flag? John Kerry was in the intellectual leadership of the extremists. The radical gangs in the street were his real band of brothers.

And do you remember Kerry throwing away the war medals and ribbons? Those medals stand for something! Along with those medals, Senator, you threw away any claim to respect from this veteran. ' Doug Dusenberry, Central Point

A Clinton story

Some of the election letters remind me of a story.

President Clinton was leaving the White House when he noticed a small boy with a box of newly born puppies to give away. The president stopped and asked the boy what kind of dogs they were. The boy replied they were Democrats.

The president was so amused and gratified by the boy's reply that the next morning he made a point of taking Hillary out to see the boy. After spending some time with the child and his pups, the president said to Hillary, Go ahead and ask him what kind of dogs they are. She did so and the boy replied, They're Republicans.

Dismayed, President Clinton asked, Yesterday, you said they were Democrats and today you say they are Republicans, why? The boy responded, Today, they have their eyes open. ' Bob Simpson, Central Point

Dispatches essential

Last month my letter was printed noting that our valley is made safer because of law enforcement officers, fire department personnel and Mercy Flights personnel.

Coming from a family of police officers and dispatchers, I forgot to mention one very important group of people in that matter of public safety ' the radio dispatchers and the entire behind-the-scenes communications personnel. They are the ones who answer the calls when we dial 911 and the dispatcher relays that information to the needed public safety personnel.

I listen on a scanner and I am impressed at the excellent and professional way in which the radio dispatchers take call after call, keeping calm and speaking clearly to get help sent on the way. The radio dispatchers and the people behind the scenes in the communications departments should be commended for doing a fantastic job in helping to make our community a safer place to live. ' Susan Day, Medford

Your CEO?

Kerry, Bush and Nader are all applying for the job of running your corporation, the government.

The citizens of the United States are the world's largest employers, and these people want you to believe they can do a better job than anyone else.

Have they filled out your job application form to your satisfaction? Have you checked out their references? After all, you are going to hand them a multi-billion dollar corporation to run. Are you happy with their answers?

Did their math meet with your approval? Can they handle the details?

Your corporation hires many high-salaried assistants to help them (Congress).

How about the people your corporation is set up to help. Will that continue?

This election is vital to our very existence, so ' vote ' and carefully. ' Phyllis Sasse, Eagle Point