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Make a point, please

Tuesday's MT editorial (It's about politics, not truth) made the most important point of all.

Please consider this action to support it; print only political letters that make a point about an issue and don't mention the opponent.

That would help raise the level of public debate, and maybe our collective thinking. ' Joi Riley, Talent

Don't be confused

Confused or undecided about the presidential election? Don't be.

Look at the two parties' beliefs and personalities. The Democrats and John Kerry promote the following: higher taxes, more entitlements, bigger government, reparations, abortion on demand, U.N. control and a sensitive war on terror. Their standard-bearers are Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy (when sober), Al Sharpton, Al Gore, Clinton and some babe, a host of pseudo-intellectuals from the entertainment industry and ivory-towered educators.

Our president stresses lower taxes, individual responsibility and smaller government. Republican standard-bearers are all those fighting for the very soul of America. Remember, government doesn't create jobs; the private sector does.

— If you are young, don't allow yourself to be poisoned by most teachers, who, with the mainstream media, rely on mind control to push their socialist agenda. Think for yourself. Keep America safe and free by re-electing George W. Bush. ' Tom and Carol Moeller, Jacksonville

Some facts

While Christian conservatives attempt to impose their anti-tax, anti-abortion and anti-homosexual agenda on the nation, here are some facts that challenge them.

From the Bible: Jesus said, Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, meaning pay your taxes!

From the Dead Sea Scrolls: In biblical times, unwanted babies, especially girl babies, were abandoned in the desert to die of exposure to the elements, starvation or to be the prey of wild animals.

From the George M. Lamsa Bible translated from the Peshitta, the authorized version of the East ' ... and whoever says to his brother you are effeminate is condemned to hell fire. Aramaic: brutish, abnormal. Jesus spoke Aramaic.

The president touts his religion while he sends your children into a war of conquest of Iraq. If you do not believe this, read the Aug. 8 Mail Tribune, section B. Laws written into the interim Iraqi constitution permit American corporations to literally take over Iraq's assets for the next 40 years.

Not only is this war a criminal act under World Court law, it is a colossal abuse of presidential power.

Bring the troops home now! ' Elma L. Beeson, Phoenix

Thanks for the laugh

This is one of the times I am glad that I read your on-line edition. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time. Not your copy, just the Nudity supporters protest new Ashland law. Then I read the advertisements below, for Ashland motels and the streaking terminus.

My oldest granddaughter lives and works in Ashland, a couple of blocks from the park. Now I understand why she brown-bags lunch. I can see ' pardon the expression, understand ' why it's OK for women to go topless like the men, called something for tat. Of course the police couldn't cite anyone; they didn't have anything to hang it on them. ' Fred Boyles, Visalia, Calif.

CNN isn't, either

I don't write in much, but I feel I must this time. There have been letters quoting the Cable News Network.

CNN is not, I repeat, not, a news channel. It is an extreme left-wing outlet for the Democratic party.

Everybody knows this by now.

Wake up Dems! Your days are numbered. ' Leonard Styne, Medford

Sign wanted

Hopefully some organization will manufacture a political sign saying:

Another Republican voting for Kerry/Edwards.

I would put one up in my yard! ' Frances Sandy Sherman, Medford