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Letters to the editor

Disabled parking disgraceful

My friend and I went to the fair two days in a row this year and we were very disappointed.

We are both disabled and the parking for the disabled there is a disgrace. The closer parking seems reserved for the news and other big wigs.

We had to walk in gravel, down a slope, not easy when your legs, knees, feet and back don't work well.

The part that got me was when I saw a lady pushing her own wheelchair because she could not sit in it and make it move in the gravel. Shame on the people who run our lovely fair. ' Carol La Rue, Central Point

Attacks shameful

It's outrageous for President George W. Bush to attack John Kerry's military record in Vietnam when he refuses to clarify his own military record for that time. It is my understanding that Kerry served in Vietnam, in combat, and received various military citations. Shame on you, President Bush. ' Arthur Coulton, Jacksonville

Enough is enough

Wow. Has the Britt Festival become a debacle or what? It used to be a county park situated for the enjoyment of Jackson County residents but it's turned into a Ron McUne bid for immortality.

— Enough is enough. Let the people of Jacksonville enjoy their proximity to a county park and not get run over by big fences and property seizures used for a limited time every year. Move the big-name artists to the Expo to perform and only use the Britt grounds for classical music.

Having been a Britt volunteer for a number of years I saw how Mr. McUne was becoming a Britt festival against anyone who disagrees with me, dictator. Let's not give in to those who would so dramatically change the good atmosphere of Jacksonville. ' J. Alexander, Central Point

Fair and balanced

For years the American people have been forced to watch only the liberal press version of the news. The Fox network has finally given a fair and balanced news outlet. For giving both sides of issues, Fox has become the most watched news channel, replacing NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN.

Advertisers, seeing this, have moved much of their advertising to Fox, causing other channels to slowly move toward the center of public opinion. Ain't capitalism wonderful! ' Gene Rushing, Medford

Kerry served four years

Valerie McCluskey writes that people who respect Kerry's service to his country should do more reading, and less writing. Then she writes that Kerry was only 3&

189; months in the service. She's the one who should do more reading.

According to the Department of the Navy's National Personnel Records Center, Kerry enlisted Feb. 18, 1966, and was released from active duty Jan. 3, 1970, with an honorable discharge date of Feb. 16, 1978. That's four years in the service, not 3&

189; months.

Kerry's critics often confuse his four years of service with the 4&

189; months he was under fire in Vietnam. Whether this is due to ignorance or deliberate misrepresentation is impossible to say. The Tribune's editors know the facts, however (judging from editorials regarding Kerry's military service), and they owe it to their readers to not print letters that are so blatantly in error. ' Gretchen Hunter, Eagle Point

Not all demand change

I'm going to see David Byrne tomorrow night at Britt with some friends. It will be the last time I attend. I am reading about what Britt is up to, with barbed wire to discourage those who looky-looand attempts to condemn a house so Britt can expand their grounds. They don't want people listening on the other side of the fence anymore.

I laughed out loud at that one, considering the whole town has to listen every night. Why don't they just charge everyone in Jacksonville for the privilege? Heck, why not change the name to Brittville, and charge to drive through?

The quote this morning is, People expect and demand change. Not all of us do. ' Kim Cower, Talent