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Roxy Ann fire plan needed

Your editorial, Plan for the worst brought to mind a fire on the southwest slope of Roxy Ann several years ago. At that time I wrote to call attention to inconsistent action by Medford police officers and suggested involving police, firefighting agencies and the public in forming a consistent policy that would be made available to Medford citizenry.

Apparently nothing has been accomplished in that regard. Hello, mayor and city council members? ' Kurt Austermann, Medford

Why we must vote Kerry

If those of us who don't have large incomes and stock holdings haven't figured out why we must vote for John Kerry for president, then please refer to the front page Mail Tribune article from Aug. 17th entitled, U.S. Income Gap. Here is an excerpt from that Associated Press article.

Over two decades, the income gap has steadily increased between the richest Americans, who own homes and stocks and received big tax breaks, and those at the middle and bottom of the pay scale, whose paychecks buy less. The growing disparity is even more pronounced in this recovering economy. Wages are stagnant and the middle class is shouldering a larger tax burden. Prices for health care, housing, tuition, gas and food have soared. ' Mary Stokes Fox, Medford

Which one do you want?

I just had the opportunity to watch interviews on television with two important women. One is composed, dressed appropriately, well groomed, soft-spoken, intelligent, and the epitome of what a true lady should be. The other is unkempt, coarse, loud, overbearing and full of herself, spouting vulgar language and meanness, demanding center stage.

The first is Laura Bush, a true First Lady. The second is Theresa Heinz Kerry, a snob, who thinks that money can buy husbands, respect and a place in history. Which one do you want to represent our country to the world, the one who parties with the Hollywood unwashed and the jet set, and has an agenda for a socialist society, or the Lady that carries herself with quiet dignity and genuine love for her husband and family, and has actually held a job?

— Your choice will tell much about your values. ' Nancy Brousseau, Central Point

Terrorism needs Bush

If you believe the world is safer, or that terrorism has been reduced because of the Bush administration, please consider this statement included in the letter from the terrorists claiming responsibility for the Madrid train bombings (reported in the New Yorker magazine): We are very keen that Bush does not lose the upcoming elections. Bush's idiocy and fanaticism are useful, for they stir the Islamic world to action.

It seems that terrorism needs Bush, just as Bush needs terrorism. ' Dan Fellman, Ashland

Vote no on 37

Eight large landowners and corporations are the principal financial backers of Measure 37 because they will be the chief beneficiaries from either development of their lands or compensation for following land-use regulations while small landowners can hardly benefit if it passes. This measure will cost Oregon &

36;364 million yearly to administrate the compensation bureaucracy, excluding the annual cost of &

36;3 billion to &

36;5 billion to pay for the compensation.

The alternative to compensation in Measure 37 will encourage development on farm and forest lands such as housing adjacent to farms and forests, conflicting with their practices. Our elected officials must speak out against this unfair measure for Oregonians and you must vote no on Measure 37. ' Porter Lombard, Medford

Good advice

The Powell doctrine, enunciated by Colin Powell, the secretary of state, states the following:

1. Military action should be used only as a last resort and only if there is a clear risk to national security by the intended target.

2. The force, when used, should be overwhelming and disproportionate to the force used by the enemy.

3. There must be strong support for the campaign by the general public.

4. There must be a clear exit strategy from the conflict in which the military is engaged.

This is good advise. Unfortunately, the Bush administration did not follow it.

A new administration of John Kerry will. ' Frank R. Hieber, Phoenix