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Vote no on 37

The arguments about the proposed Billings golf course on the north side of Ashland will become pointless if Measure 37 passes in the November election. Measure 37 basically destroys all land-use planning by requiring compensation for any landowner who is denied the ability to do whatever he wishes with his piece of land ' with a few limitations (nude dancing is not permitted). So if Measure 37 passes, the Billings property could be turned into a subdivision or into a Wal-Mart or just about whatever the owners decide ' except, of course, no nude dancing.

In the east the rural landscape is vanishing, the landscape that has been valued for generations for the food it supplied, the self-reliant people it produced, and its beautiful vistas. This can happen in Oregon if Measure 37 passes and our land-use regulations become useless. Don't let it happen. Vote no on 37. ' Connie Battaile, Ashland

Not intended to degrade

I'm a veteran and former Navy Hospital Corps Wave who worked as a medical technician in 1968 and 1969 alongside Navy Hospital Corpsmen who had provided medical support to Marines fighting in Vietnam.

I was horrified when a few of these Corpsmen reported acts of atrocities to a number of Vietnamese people at the hands of some U.S. military. I understand these acts occurred out of confusion and terror (not knowing who the enemy was) and out of the act of dehumanizing the enemy. One Corpsman stated Vietnamese people didn't value human life and mothers didn't grieve the loss of their own children!

Kerry's report of atrocities by U.S. military in Vietnam was not intended to degrade, but to bring attention to the fact that good people, even war heroes, can become perpetrators of atrocious actions in the fog of war.

His call to our leaders was a plea made out of compassion, in recognition of a failed policy, and in an effort to bring our boys home. ' Kathleen Finnegan, Ashland

Kerry earned vote

The military was where I came to fully understand the concept that the importance of me must be subordinate to the importance of us, if we are to survive a crisis.

When John Kerry turned his swift boat around and reentered the hell of direct combat to pull a fallen comrade to relative safety, he demonstrated a gut response that is instinctive and not simply reflective.

When called upon to give everything I have within me to a cause, which is expected of us in the military, I would pray that my leader possess the depth of character so freely demonstrated by John Kerry as the captain of a vessel in harm's way.

John Kerry has earned this veteran's vote. Please join me in electing John Kerry the next president of our United States of America! ' David Larson, Vets for Kerry, Central Point

Down is up

Black is white, down is up and CNN is an extreme left-wing outlet for the Democratic party, as everyone knows. ' Myrl Bishop, Ashland