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Ignore the propaganda

I am amazed there are still undecided voters in our country and many still planning to vote for Bush in November.

The choice is simple. Kerry will create jobs, will protect jobs by eliminating tax breaks for companies going offshore and give breaks to companies staying in United States, lower taxes for the middle class with college tuition credits and increased child credits, provide health coverage for all children and affordable coverage for everyone, fund the No Child Left Behind Act as promised originally, work to make us energy-independent from foreign oil, protect our environment based on science, provide for our veterans and senior citizens, build peaceful relationships with other countries and work together to fight terrorism, make the U.S. a strong, respected leader in the world again.

His plan pays for it and reduces the deficit. Read it on his Web site and stop listening to the propaganda. ' Debbie Herzog, Trail

What hypocrisy

Imagine for a moment that we had a Democratic president who:

Gave us record budget deficits and presided over an economy that lost more than a million jobs during his tenure.

Used exaggerated intelligence to mislead America into a pointless war that cost the lives of nearly 1,000 U.S. servicemen and more than 10,000 civilians, even as he proposed cuts in combat pay and veterans' benefits.

When pressed to articulate a vision for America's future, suggested a manned mission to Mars.

Sat immobile for seven minutes, pretending to read My Pet Goat, after being informed that America was under attack.

Republicans would be enraged to the point of apoplexy. Impeachment proceedings would be under way. Instead, Republicans chant four more years!

What hypocrisy! ' Maureen K. Vega, Medford

Other issues important

Camille Pagnini thinks abortion is the only issue that matters in this upcoming national election.

Consider two tenets which have made America a strong nation: the separation of church and state and the right to pursue happiness. Abortion is both a religious and a personal issue.

Pro-choice does not equate with killer. It merely means that the agonizing, the ramifications, the morality are issues which the individuals who are involved have the right and responsibility to decide ' not anyone else, certainly not our government. As our forefathers intended, it is simply none of your business.

This national election is about many other important issues, not one that is unconstitutional and irrelevant. ' Myrl Bishop, Ashland

Accepting Adlai's offer

Democrat Adlai Stevenson once quipped, If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them. President Bush's offer to condemn all 527s, if Kerry will only agree, sounds like a Republican acceptance of Stevenson's offer after all these years. ' Michael A. Jordan, Talent