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Sign-stealers still at it

Well, they're still at it. My Veteran for Kerry yard sign has been stolen again.

Since the mean-spirited Republicans know they're going to be routed in November, they have to resort to underhanded tactics rather than fighting fair. Just like the mob of discreditable vets and their deceitful attack ads. ' Joseph Zajac, Medford

Sacrificing democracy

Intimidation and violation of democratic principles is evidenced by thugs who come into our yard to destroy our Democratic political signs every night. I wonder if these same fools who believe they can silence our right to voice our choice will succeed in winning the election without sacrificing democracy for all. ' Jean Kilby, Medford

As if life depended on it

As in nature, all things come and go in cycles.

The United States has been through a period of war, fear and kindling of fear, contraction and breakdown of values/rights we hold dear.

Let us bring forth the turning again to peaceful intent, building relationships with the rest of the world, supporting innovative ideas for the betterment of all people, nurturing children, the elderly, the land , the water, the air and freedom.

— I ask for a vote for Kerry/Edwards this November. I ask for an honest election that is decided by the U.S. citizens, not the appointed Supreme Court.

Vote as if life itself depended on it. ' Beth Heller, Talent

Fair worth the drive

I have been reading the recent letters to the editor from people unhappy with the Jackson County Fair. I would like to suggest an alternative to people looking for a more family-friendly environment.

I attended the Siskiyou County Fair this year and was very impressed. The parking is free, handicapped parking is paved, and the admission charge is reasonable. Once inside there are four buildings of arts, crafts, and produce displays. There is an indoor children's hands-on science area, petting zoo, and outdoor activity area with activities for children that are too small for the adult rides, all for no additional charge. Not only are there cows, sheep, goats, and pigs, but also rabbits and chickens.

The midway is grassy, and there is a lot of shaded seating. My family is already looking forward to next year's fair ' it is worth the 45-minute drive south. ' Trina Hedgpeth, Medford

Cheneyesque vulgarity

Last week another stop-killing-the-babies, God-on-our-money, Reagan-on-Rushmore Republican cruised slowly past our rural home. I didn't see a gun rack bristling with assault weapon wannabes, a Confederate flag or a picture of his mother dangling on the rear-view mirror air freshener.

The latter was probably hidden under a six-pack so she couldn't hear the thunderous Cheneyesque vulgarity spewed toward a Kerry poster in an open window next to our 12-year-old daughter's bedroom. Luckily, she was at the university on a summer program.

My naturalized citizen wife wondered about the scatological driveby's connection to the veep's Senate performance and whether smears and vulgarity are all the Republicans have to offer.

He could have stopped by to discuss the issues, but he's obviously as inarticulate as the president he supports. ' Bob Doke, Eagle Point

Death from excess

Bambi died last night. The victim of reduced habitat. A habitat that was reduced because of ever-increasing demands for agricultural lands being used for human food production.

A large part of this food demand comes from overweight and obese humans. Mostly, in terms of percentages, in the United States. Poverty versus glut. One extremely remote from the other but nevertheless inextricably linked to each other.

All God's creatures. One died because of basic needs. The other, eventually, because of excess. ' James L. Bennett, Medford