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Freedom is precious

Anyone else see irony in Thursday's hand-wringing editorial (Law-abiding folks have no use for a semiautomatic assault weapon) and the sports story about a local kid who beat America's best military shooters at the national championships?

He used a version of the current U.S. service rifle that is your editorial's very definition of a semiautomatic assault rifle. Freedom is a precious thing; but when it makes us nervous, let's take it away, right? ' Bill Powell, Medford

The agency's real motive

While I was growing up, Planned Parenthood taught me some of the best lessons I could learn. I'm glad PP infiltrated my middle school because many of my friends and I were touched deeply by the Planned Parenthood Teen Theatre performances, which taught us that our bodies and all the changes that were happening at that time were normal and beautiful.

I was raised with good morals and values. My parents taught me to save sex for someone you love (some can't legally marry the one they love). And PP taught me there's intimacy, love and, most importantly, responsibility.

Sex isn't a carefree thing, like many teens think. The choice to become sexually active includes new responsibilities and consequences.

Planned Parenthood's real motive is information, and I'm sure millions of teens have discovered that without being damaged or scarred for life. I'm glad PP supposedly preyed on this young (truly informed) female. I share only my story, but I'm sure it is shared by many other teens out there. Thank you Planned Parenthood! ' Brianna Miller, 17, Planned Parenthood volunteer

Check facts, please

Regarding Alex Kazazian's Sept. 17 letter saying ... Clear Channel, which owns over 50 percent of the airwaves. They routinely distort the news. ' reality check: Clear Channel owns about 9 percent of radio stations. Second, our stations are run by local people.

Is Kazazian implying, since we're Clear Channel, that KMED newscasters Paul Hanson and Brian Bishop, with their decades of experience, are routinely distorting the news? In what ways? Check your facts, please. ' Bill Meyer, KMED

No longer shopping at Target

I was very disappointed to read the article about Target no longer allowing the Salvation Army to have their bell ringers out front during the holidays. I have written Target and let them know that due to their lack of support of this fine charity I am no longer going to support Target; in other words, I'm no longer shopping there. ' M. Smith, Medford


Congratulations to the Medford School Board member/substitute teacher who would not teach in Ashland because they were communist/socialist, etc. He has given permission to the officials at sporting events, debating or musical competition, etc., to discriminate against Ashland.

Attending school is tough enough without this kind of discrimination. Pick on the adults and let the kids grow up in a free and fair society. ' L. Walker, Ashland