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Communist money OK

I read with interest, your article on Joe Frodsham's comments about the Ashland community, and how he would refuse to teach our communist children. I did find it quite ironic that he had no problem taking our communistic money over the many, many years he operated his business in Ashland. ' George Pearson, Ashland

Tribune hypocritical

Once again Garry Trudeau's dogged determination to drag us all down to his level left me in shock Sept. 2 with his reference to the F-word. And you chose to print that.

At this sad juncture I have but one question I would truly appreciate your answering publicly. Are there any depths of degradation and immorality Trudeau could sink to in order to cause you to merely place his hate-filled political tirade on the editorial page, where it belongs?

And folks, if you can't think of anything more constructive to retort my question than the tired old If ya' don't like it jus' don't read it, or the absurd Well I reckon we'll just have to send 'everything' somewhere else silliness, don't bother. This is not about everything or reading or not reading. It is about one immoral political thing in an inappropriate setting. So please! Shut the heck up! I would have used the same insinuation as did Trudeau in his comic strip but our highly moral Tribune censored me. The editor told me they do not print such allusions to profanity on their editorial page. Incredibly hypocritical. ' F. W. Janes, Medford

A fine photo exhibit

I highly recommend the exhibit of photographs that are now on display at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center (40 S. Bartlett St. in downtown Medford). Be sure to get there before Nov. 6, when it will be replaced with another exhibit.

It is the most thorough explanation of art photography I have ever seen. If you are a lover of fine art, and have questions about photography as art, this exhibit should not be missed.

— Art photographers don't just trip the shutter in a mind-numbed way, but create a mood with many techniques using their knowledge of camera and light as well as a lot of imagination. In this exhibit, all of this is on display. This exhibit will help explain to all why a camera in the hands of an artist truly does produce fine art. ' Claudia Harlow, Medford

Getting it right

The Mail Tribune, being in the word business, should get the words right. Beautiful view of those male orcas on page 4A, but those massive fins on the backs of those killer whales are dorsal fins, not pectoral fins. Getting it right is your business, as well as Dan Rather's. ' Ed Scanlin, Medford

Weapons ban a lie

The Assault Weapons Ban is based on a lie (politicians excel at lying). The law did not ban assault weapons (multiple rounds fired with a single trigger pull). Assault weapons were banned by the National Firearms Act of 1934. The reason, I suspect , is that FDR did not want to put a large number of U.S. Treasury agents on the street during the Depression since Prohibition ended in 1933.

The NFA of 1934 was declared unconstitutional by the federal courts. This decision was overturned by the Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Miller. The Supreme Court said, in effect, that shotguns of a barrel length less than the law specified did not serve a practical militia purpose. This implies that real assault weapons should be legal since they are used by our military.

The Second Amendment does not infer that a weapon must serve a sporting purpose or conform to a cosmetic standard. This amendment is to guarantee the right of self defense to all U.S. citizens, including defense against the government.

Criminals, by definition, are not law-abiding. Restricting ownership based on cosmetics is irrational. ' Charles Wiesenfarth, Eagle Point

Looked like a trash can

I just returned from downtown Medford, the county Justice Building to be exact. While there I availed myself of the beautiful fence of native petrified wood and water fountain dedicated to the Pioneers of Southern Oregon. While sitting there admiring the craftsmanship, a man with a long black beard got out of his Toyota pickup and emptied his ashtray into the non-working water fountain! When I told him what he'd done, he replied, it looked like a trash can to me! I had to agree!

My question is this: How can a city so engrossed in renewal of the downtown area allow the already beautiful parts go to ruin? City and county officials pass by this unsightly scene several times a day. A definite disgrace!

Incidentally, I could have used a nice cool drink of water while I spent about an hour there. ' Keith C. Grant, Central Point

Needs hunting lessons

Before embracing the advice from New Democrats Online about how to cozy up to the four in 10 Americans who own guns and not lose the anti-gun vote, John Kerry needs a few lessons in hunting first. A Milwaukee paper quoted him, I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach. I track and move and decoy and play games and try to outsmart them. You know, you kind of play the wind. That's hunting.

Is it? You can't track on your stomach. There's no game you shoot with a 12-gauge on your stomach. Crawling around that way, however, is a good way to get shot.

If Kerry had not been so busy voting against every bill for the reasonable use and possession of guns, he might have become a better hunter. Not to worry, the anti-hunting groups give him their highest ratings. ' Don Haslett, Medford

Report the news

The Sept. 9 Mail Tribune page one headline was, Guardsman Bush disobeyed orders. I find it interesting that story deserved page one, yet Officer's son questions Bush memos only rated page 5B on Sept. 10.

The Washington Post and ABC, among many others, have also raised significant questions about the validity of the memos, yet you did not give significant attention to follow-up articles on the subject. Perhaps you were waiting for CBS to apologize.

Many of us believe a newspaper should report the news and leave the obvious bias to the editorial page where it belongs. ' Pierce Kibbey, Central Point

Thanks, Republicans

Thanks, Republicans, for Herbert Hoover, who brought us the Great Depression I was born into in 1930. And for Eisenhower who sent Secretary of State Dulles around the world signing up 55 tinhorn dictators to fight communists by killing labor leaders and schoolteachers.

I loved Tricky Dick Nixon and Spiro (Who?) Agnew and Watergate. Then came Ronnie. He misspoke at Reykjavik and accidentally ended the arms race he was using to bankrupt the Soviet Union and fuel our defense industry. His neocons teamed up with George I and later George II to dominate the world by force and control Mideast oil with the help of Cheney and their dry hole Texas oil buddies.

I have to hand it to you, with the help of the Enrons and the press, you really put us Democrats and the rest of the world in deep doodoo. Thanks a lot and God bless Texas. ' Mel Morgan, Phoenix

Know when to change

The president accuses Sen. Kerry of flip-flopping while emphasizing his own stay the course position. While there may be virtue in being obsessively resolute, there are times when wisdom demands a reassessment in light of new intelligence.

When Congress authorized the president to go to war in Iraq, they did so given the information available at the time. The fact that new intelligence emerged after Congressional authorization sadly did not affect the president's resolve.

I look for leaders who know when it is wise to change course and to admit that change is necessary. ' David E. Baker, Medford

Letter astonishing

In the Tribune Sept. 2, Gordon De Vos' letter astonished me. It is unbelievable that so-called Christians use downright false accusations saying that those who are for Bush are determined to destroy the nation.

When Christ comes to judge the world, it is those who fed the poor, visited the sick and provided for the needy that he accepts into his kingdom. Matthew 25:34-46. Bush and his policies do none of the above.

Christ says, Do not be deceived, it is not those who call me Lord, Lord, but those who do my father's will that are my true followers.

Politicians who favor the rich, promote war (Christ says Blessed are the peacemakers, Matthew 5:9), and use character assassination to defeat their opponents are not true Christians. We should not blindly follow the self-proclaimed Christian politicians. I know dozens of Christians who love America and are not voting for Bush. ' Alice Athan, Phoenix

Kerry's record

Douglas Snider is right. John Kerry did make his military records the centerpiece of his campaign (letter, Aug. 27). A record that included calling his fellow veterans war criminals while some of them were in POW camps.

As a 34-year veteran of the Air National Guard, I take exception to the statement that President Bush didn't serve.

After six weeks of basic training and almost two years on active duty learning to fly jet fighter aircraft, he spent the next two-plus years flying F102 aircraft with his Texas unit. While not in combat, that's still dangerous duty.

If serving in combat is necessary to be president, I assume that Mr. Snider voted for George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole and not the known draft dodger, Bill Clinton. ' Bob Clark, Ashland

Wake-up call

Bush's speech to the Republican convention should have included some of his memorable achievements: He never found bin Laden. Instead, Bush helped bin Laden's family leave the United States immediately following 9/11, and he withheld information about the Saudi connection.

He rushed into an unrelated war with Iraq, without a plan for peace, leaving the U.S. to bear 90 percent of the casualties and cost. He created a record deficit in an attempt to bankrupt the federal government. And, despite being a draft-dodger, he shamelessly allowed his supporters to discredit a man who honorably volunteered to serve his country.

His policies have strapped seniors with high prescription drug costs and 50 percent increases in insurance premiums. He lost 1.8 million jobs in the private sector, meanwhile giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas.

We don't need empty promises, we need a new president! ' Cherise Black, Medford

Will good for laughs

We thoroughly enjoy reading George Will's column, as it gives us insight into the twisted logic of the neoconservative thought process. It also provides our household a good laugh now and then.

This morning we were rolling on the floor with his Bush says quotes. If Bush had actually said, liberty is the design of nature, he would have surely mispronounced one or more of the multi-syllable words that were written by someone with imagination. He of all people is in no position to discuss the design of nature, as his policies are bent on the destruction of nature.

We thank George Will so much for his comical attempts to inform. ' The Watsons, Medford