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Doesn't want Kerry

If anyone watched Kerry speak at the Democratic National Convention they would see how he would mention something that he would do in office which Bush is already doing.

Also, how come hasn't Kerry got a bill passed under him in the Senate since Bush took office? It is because he says one thing he is going to do, then changes his mind at the last minute.

Do we really want a person like this in office? I know I don't. ' S. Sandberg, Medford

Editor's note:

An editing error in the following letter in Friday's paper changed its meaning. The correct letter is reprinted below:

Letter astonishing

In the Tribune Sept. 2, Gordon De Vos' letter astonished me. It is unbelievable that so-called Christians use downright false accusations saying that those who are not for Bush are determined to destroy the nation.

When Christ comes to judge the world, it is those who fed the poor, visited the sick and provided for the needy that he accepts into his kingdom. Matthew 25:34-46. Bush and his policies do none of the above.

— Christ says, Do not be deceived, it is not those who call me Lord, Lord, but those who do my father's will that are my true followers.

Politicians who favor the rich, promote war (Christ says Blessed are the peacemakers, Matthew 5:9), and use character assassination to defeat their opponents are not true Christians. We should not blindly follow the self-proclaimed Christian politicians. I know dozens of Christians who love America and are not voting for Bush. ' Alice Athan, Phoenix

Vote for Densmore

Wouldn't you expect all local elected officials to speak out clearly against a DEQ proposal to relax the Rogue Valley's industrial air pollution rules? I did, but discovered I was wrong, and ignorant of how their decisions can affect our quality of life.

However, Sue Densmore, candidate for Jackson County commissioner, has stood firmly for protecting our air-quality rules, unlike her opponent C.W. Smith. Observing her in action over the past year, facilitating communication between citizens and DEQ, the governor's office and other agencies, I have been impressed with her abilities, ideas, public-service experience and positive energy. She believes in listening and working together rather than making back door policy decisions.

I thank her for running; she is the perfect candidate to represent the interests of Jackson County residents. Please vote for Sue Densmore, endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters and a breath of fresh air! ' Gaylene Hurley, Medford

Burning issue?

Did I miss an epidemic of flag-burning? Are folks desecrating the flag by the millions and I've been unaware?

With the biggest job loss since the Great Depression, with a Bush 17.4 percent raise in Medicare premiums, with a &

36;5 trillion deficit after the rich finish getting their tax break, with more than 1,000 Americans dead in Iraq, with the FBI budget being only one-third the money given to Halliburton to rebuild Iraq, with no money left to the states to fund No Child Left Behind, with the Bush-authorized increase in the levels of mercury and arsenic in our water, I somehow missed the really vital issue of flag-burning requiring the Congress to stop addressing the real problems facing us in order to pass a constitutional amendment to save our nation from flag-burning. ' Mari Morsell, Medford