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U.S. senator: Re-elect Wyden

Challenger Al King is short on experience, cogent arguments

Sitting U.S. senators are remarkably difficult to dislodge. Incumbents have been ousted, of course, with a high-profile, well-financed campaign by a candidate with strong credentials.

That's not the case this year. Oregon's senior senator, Democrat Ron Wyden, faces Al King, a rancher from Malin with a background in public administration.

Even if you disagree with Wyden's politics, he's done a good job of representing Oregon, he works well with Sen. Gordon Smith, his Republican colleague, and he's adept at crafting the kind of bipartisan compromises that get things done in Washington. He deserves re-election.

King's only experience in public office is as a municipal judge and a community college board member ' not the best training ground for the U.S. Senate. He espouses firmly held beliefs: big corporations are preying on workers by outsourcing jobs; illegal immigration and trade agreements threaten our economy; and Oregon needs to return to a more resource-based economy but can't because environmental extremists are locking up forests ' with Wyden's help.

We're not sure how that gibes with Wyden's efforts to pass the Healthy Forest Restoration Act, legislation initiated by Republican Rep. Greg Walden and opposed by environmentalists. Wyden diligently worked on compromise language that resulted in action rather than stalemate.

Wyden also has defended the right of Oregon voters to decide for themselves controversial issues such as physician-assisted suicide. He has fought against attempts by the federal government to overturn the death-with-dignity law.

Yes, Wyden is a career politician. Sometimes that can be a bad thing, but in this case, we think it's an asset for Oregon.

Voters should re-elect Sen. Ron Wyden.