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Why the fuss'

Why the fuss about Joe Frodsham calling Ashlanders communists or socialists? Everyone, except some at the Tribune, knows that Ashland and Eugene are known as the People's Republic...

Those offended think they're liberal, but that's a misnomer. All three philosophies are based in Marxism. Only the degree of collectivism and political style separates the three. Do we fear Frodsham teaching why socialism cannot work?

Let's continue to prohibit teaching real life in our liberal public schools: facts like, National prosperity is directly proportional to the amount of economic liberty of individuals.

Our liberal media never reports the irreconcilable problems in countries like Sweden, Canada and socialistic European countries. So, liberal Americans support adopting their wonderful programs.

Our economic model resembles that of national socialism much more than free enterprise. We have institutionalized most of Marx's Ten Goals for America. Complete them to witness America's decline first-hand. ' Ben Stanos, Ashland

Hank would be honored

In reference to Wednesday's Since You Asked column in the paper. The comment was about the voice of my late husband, Hank Henry, still being heard on Jefferson Public Radio. He would be honored (as I am) that the station is still running this series. ' Nora Henry, Medford

Stop and evaluate

To all of you who are presently considering having a child, I ask you to stop and truly evaluate your reasons for bringing another life into this world.

Is it for selfish reasons? Do you have the emotional, mental, physical and financial resources to be a good parent?

Overpopulation is a major contributor to the problems with society and the environmental ills of our planet. Should you really add to the problems?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 6,394,352,554 people in the world at this moment and birth rates are not slowing. If parenthood is something that you can manage responsibly, then consider adoption. Give love, a home and a future to a child in need.

To you who are considering not having children at all, despite what society may tell you, that is a fine option. As an older woman, who long ago made the choice not to have kids, my life is no less full, rich and wonderful. Quite the contrary!

So many don't truly think of the consequences before becoming pregnant and it is the one choice in life that should be given the utmost forethought. ' J. Ellicott, Jacksonville

The biggest joke ever

To whom it may concern: We have the biggest joke ever in Central Point.

I live off Taylor Road and have to use the so-called roundabout.

What was the purpose of this? What is wrong with a four-way stop?

No one abides by the 15 mph or the yields ' what a waste of money and what a joke.

On many occasions, I have seen people just going as fast as they can around this thing, as many times as they can.

No one knows how to use it correctly and if the police chose to sit down here they could make their quota in any given day. Needless to say, many of us are put out with this. ' R. Meek, Central Point