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Another radio alternative

I so appreciated the letter regarding the local talk radio stations.

I might add that if you're able to receive KGO radio in San Francisco during the night, it will also provide a reprieve from the right-wing naggers. Gene Burns, then Bernie Ward will provide listeners with great information and entertainment. ' J.R. Hunts, Medford

What are they to eat?

Give a person a fish and you give the person a meal; teach the person to fish and you give a livelihood. Of course conservatives would like to teach people to fish. But only after they buy their own fishing gear, probably made offshore and sold by a company that pays minimum wage and offers no benefits. And, George Will, what are they supposed to eat while they are learning to fish? ' Ginny Moffatt, Jacksonville

Moral clarity and war

Lost in much of the debate on Iraq is a startling fact. This fact is that historically speaking, Americans only strongly question or protest wars that strike them as lacking moral clarity.

The wars that produced broad support are the recent Afghanistan campaign as a result of 9/11, the first Iraqi War known as Desert Storm, The Korean War, and World Wars I and II. These wars struck most Americans as virtuous. Therefore, dissent during these conflicts was indecipherable.

In the past 100 years, only two wars, the current Iraq war and Vietnam, have caused many middle-class Americans to question strongly.

Moral clarity in relation to the waging of war deals with three important areas that test its validity. Studying American history one finds that most of our major wars meet these requirements. The three tests of a war's validity involve a rational reason for waging it, the ability once engaged to positively change to meet the evolving conditions, and an end game or goal that's clear.

Most Americans aren't pacifists. Being a practical and patriotic people born of a famous revolution, we're willing to fight when the cause and goal seems just. If unclear, we understandably question. ' Perry Casilio, Talent

Unanswered question?

The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security. ' Yasser Arafat, 1993. Palestinians subsequently elected Arafat president of what they thought was to be their state.

The Israeli Likud Party platform Flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state West of the Jordan river. Israelis have now twice elected Likud candidate Ariel Sharon.

The unanswered question (Letters, Oct. 2) is, when will Israelis seek peace and recognize the right of Palestine to exist? ' Dane Coefer, Ashland

Write to our troops

Whatever your feelings on the war in Iraq, Bush, Kerry, whatever, there is one thing I think we all can agree on. We love our men and women in the service.

There is a wonderful group that will be sending off letters and care packages for Christmas delivery. The deadline, however, is in late November.

They will sort out the letters, checking to make sure nothing is amiss or inappropriate. No soldier's address will be given out for safety reasons; you will send the letters and/or packages to the group, and they in turn will forward them.

Some letters will go to Iraq, but not all. They are sent to every branch of the military and various units throughout the world. For more information go to . ' Kylie Miller, Medford

A pro-life suggestion

Thanks to J. Elliott for emphasizing choice before pregnancy. That's what pro-lifers have been suggesting for many years. ' Lorraine Mussack, TalentELECTION LETTERS NOTE

Because of the tremendous volume of election letters, not all can be published, regardless of when they were received. From now on we will publish only a sampling of the election letters we receive. Letters not publishedwill not be returned or acknowledged.

The deadline for submitting election lettersis Friday, Oct. 15 at 5 p.m.

Letters about local or statewide candidates or ballot measures will be given priority. Letters about the presidential race will run as space permits.

We will continue to publish non-election letters as always.Election letters

Yes on 37

I am writing to encourage people to vote yes on Measure 37 as they did on Measure 7.

My husband and I bought 140 acres in September 1971. At that time our property could have been divided into three parcels. Our children could have built homes on this property and raised their families here. Their home would have created increased local property taxes benefiting our schools.

Since LCDC our land has been zoned exclusive farm 160-acre open space. As farming this steep acreage is not possible, we lost our farm tax protection.

Yes, we want back the right we had when we purchased it 33 years ago. ' Dianne Baker, Gold Hill

Support RCC bond

I have worked with troubled youth and families in the Rogue Valley since 1977. Many services are often needed to turn their lives around. But without an adequate education everything that we do could come to naught.

My agency is a member of both the Ashland and Medford/Jackson County chambers of commerce. I know that one of the key requirements of new businesses moving to the valley and keeping existing businesses is a strong educational system. Please join me in supporting the RCC bond measure. ' Arnie Green, executive director, Community Works, Medford

Wright campaign negative

I was disappointed when I received a piece of mail from the Jim Wright campaign last weekend unfairly attacking Dr. Alan Bates. The piece excerpts a section from an Oct. 14 Mail Tribune article, but conveniently leaves out nine key words. The negative inaccurate quote: I have personally been in favor ... of a sales tax. The actual statement, I have personally been in favor of lowering the income tax and pushing for consideration of a sales tax. Why leave out a critical part of the quote?

This manipulation of the quote is deceptive and dishonest. Please, it's not too late to run a positive campaign based on truths, issues and ideas.

Dr. Alan Bates has pledged to run a clean campaign. I hope that Jim Wright will join in this promise. ' Pat Turner, Ashland

Vote no on 35

Ballot Measure 35 is a change to our Constitution being bankrolled by the insurance companies, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies as a cure for high medical malpractice premiums for doctors. But anyone in the financial industry can tell you that the real cause of high premiums is the slump in the stock market ' that we all experienced ' beginning in 2000.

The insurance industry is covering its losses by jacking up the rates for doctors. Now the insurance companies want to limit Oregonians' rights to a fair day in court.

Measure 35 won't help doctors, it will hurt Oregonians. I urge Oregonians to vote no on 35. ' Brent Warner, Talent

Vote yes on 36

I have seen a lot of no on 36 letters in our newspaper and it makes me a little sad.

Being a Catholic, I find nothing wrong with people being gay. We don't consider it a sin. It's a sin to act upon it.

In the Old Testament in Leviticus or Numbers (can't remember quite which book) God defined marriage as being between man and woman. We need to keep it that way.

I proudly display my yes on 36 bumper sticker. Join me in voting yes on 36 in November. ' Dana Snyder, Gold Hill

Vote no on 36

Imagine someone you love needs a transplant. You can do nothing for them but wait, and you know not much time's left.

Then you hear of a woman in the same hospital who's been in a car crash and is brain dead. Her heart is a perfect match and the operation can be done in moments. You sigh in relief as your heart fills with joy. Your suffering is over, oh, sweet love, we've found a heart for you.

Then the doctor tells you of a problem. The woman who's brain dead doesn't have a donor card or living family. She does have a life partner, who is alive and at the hospital.

Unfortunately, because of Measure 36, a law had passed and they couldn't be legally married. Without the marriage, she has no legal rights to say how anything will go. Both loved ones die. Vote no on Measure 36. ' Laynie Summers, Medford

Regrets 2000 vote

I voted for George Bush for president, and now I must think of the contributions I made by that action: the killing of hundreds of American youth and for no discernible purpose except to help the rich get richer (e.g. Halliburton in Iraq), boosting our level of unemployment, setting new records and speed of attainment of national debt, allowing the loss of personal freedom and the loss of respect from many nations of the world.

Reflexively, I should vote against Bush, but is it fair to expect someone to solve the problems he and his gang have created? ' Hank Fennell, Ashland

Supporting Densmore

We are proud to support Sue Densmore as county commissioner for Jackson County. Her contributions to our community with regards to air quality, responsible urban growth and maintaining Southern Oregon's rich heritage span over 30 years of dedicated service.

She's not politics as usual behind closed doors. On the contrary, Sue listens. Please join us in casting your vote for a responsible, caring candidate on Nov. 2. ' Jean McDonald, Medford

Study and understand

Expressions of support for George W. Bush continue despite countless sources to the contrary, i.e. reputable news reports, magazine articles, books and analyses by knowledgeable individuals, and exhaustive information from the inside.

Can't Bush supporters see what's happening to our international influence and political stability? To our physical and financial security? To Iraq's people and the rest of the Middle East?

How are those Bush supporters informing themselves? Do they read widely? Do they search for truth? Do they like our new international image? Do they want our national debt to continue its spiral? Do they really want laws and regulations written by corporate lobbyists?

What about education for the young? Protection of the elderly? Better health care? Cleaner air and water? Civil rights?

In November we will choose our country's direction. Surely we are obligated to study and understand the issues and candidates before voting. ' Evelyn R. Ousterhout, Eagle Point

The Wright man

The Wright man at the Wright time, for the Wright reason. Let's stop the party games and finger-pointing in Salem. Address the issues and get things Wright for a change.

Join me in voting for common sense and fiscal responsibility ' Jim's that man. ' Al Willstatter, Ashland

Vote for Esquivel

Sal has served our community in many ways and for many years. His family has lived in our valley since the 1800s.

He has been foreman at a veneer plant, general manager of Tomco in Sweet Home, and is in real estate. He was on the City Council for over seven years and was elected to serve as both president and vice president.

He understands our community, the wood industry, natural resources and land use. Sal has been a board member of SOREDI as well as president and vice president. He is very involved with the West Main Coalition and helped partner with the city of Medford and Rotary groups to get &

36;15,000 for school playground equipment.

Please join me in voting for Sal Esquivel for state representative. ' Donnis Lausmann, Medford

Gay marriage benefits all

Marriage is the foundation for a stable society. A life partner gives everyone, including gays, the security knowing someone will care for them when needed, lessening the burden on society and government expenditures. Community recognition also puts expectations on couples to stay together.

Mutual responsibility produces better financial planning, better health, more careful driving and lower insurance rates for everyone.

Many children already have gay parents. Wouldn't it be better if those parents were married? Family values means valuing all families, including those you may consider to be less than perfect.

If marriage is in decline, shouldn't we find valid ways of stopping divorce? Would we be better off with fewer marriages by denying it to some people?

Our Constitution is designed to protect people, not put unequal treatment for gays and lesbians in it that would ultimately hurt everyone. Vote no on Ballot Measure 36. ' Peter H. McCusker, Medford

Kerry was strong

Bush tried again to link Saddam with 9/11. When Kerry pointed out the fallacy, all Bush could say was, I know that. Later Bush said, Some people say if you're a Muslim you can't be free ' unrelated to any of the topics. Only a desperate persons throws out red herrings.

Kerry was really strong: called Bush on fact-fudging, answered questions directly and specifically and emphasized ending nuclear proliferation and building coalitions. ' Diana Morley, Ashland

Supporting Bates

I am writing from the point of view of years as an engineer with public works for the city of Medford to voice my support for Alan Bates for state senator.

Dr. Bates understands our region's rapid population growth and the factors that will make this growth sustainable. These include maintaining and developing infrastructure and availability of employment.

He also understands the importance of protecting the interests of the small businesses that make our area appealing and unique. Alan Bates' success as representative proves to me that he is aware of these and other important issues. I encourage the people of Jackson County to help Alan Bates continue the work he began as representative by voting for him as their next state senator. ' Don Walker, Medford

A no-brainer

The election in November for president should be a no-brainer for the Christian. There is only one man who has the right to your vote based on morals and principles.

We Christians are close to 70 percent of the population throughout the nation. We must stand as one great army, united for one cause and stand for biblical truths.

In my opinion, the results are obvious ' Bush will win by at least 15 percent of the popular vote. Bush is the candidate with high moral standards and he is not afraid to do the right thing even though it may not be the popular thing.

I'll be glad when the elections are over ' I get tired of reading all the letters from the crybabies. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

Impressed with Doty

I have been very much impressed by our Oregon state representative candidate John Doty. After hearing him speak several times and reviewing his past work history I have concluded that he would be an excellent choice for the position.

As a senior citizen I look for the qualities that he demonstrates. His caring dedication to helping those who are less fortunate appeals to me and his intelligence is obvious. When you mark your voting ballot remember that John Doty is first-class.

We are fortunate to have John running for this state office. Let's put him there to aid our Oregon citizens. ' Jean Kilby, Medford

Shame on sign stealers

My 6-year-old daughter says that the people who stole our Kerry/Edwards sign need, in her words, a fearsome scolding. Shame on the people stealing all political yard signs ' the Bush/Cheney ones in Ashland and the Kerry/Edwards signs in Medford. Sadly, such juvenile antics seem too commonplace in this year's election. Stealing yard signs, exchanging profanities, name calling, defacement of property ' what great examples for our children and the rest of the world.

My daughter already knows that the freedom to express one's opinion is one of the things that make our country great. My only hope is this year's misbehaviors will have the effect of making more people get out and vote. ' Rebecca Poet, Medford