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Flu vaccine questions

I understand the British company that makes about half of the U.S. supply of flu vaccine will not ship due to contamination. There are apparently few US companies in that business.

What I don't understand is why it is OK for pharmacies, hospitals, etc. to get their drugs from a foreign supplier when it is illegal for me to do the same. Could it be there is less profit in the flu vaccine business than in the erectile dysfunction pill ' or is that too cynical? ' Edw. Goldhamer, Medford

Give working dogs a break

While reading D. Pestlin's letter in the Oct. 4 paper, I was struck with a mental image of hundreds of dogs randomly roaming our new library. I also wonder if D. Pestlin ever sets foot in the area of the library to help these children who need help reading aloud.

My daughter spent many, many weeks in the Rogue Valley Medical Center pediatric unit and was fortunate enough to receive visits from Gleason, the fabulous therapy dog, who not only made a hopeless-looking world brighter, but was cleaner than some of the children and their filthy-clothed, dirty-haired, cigarette-smelling parents who constantly went in and out because even though their children were suffering with severe respiratory problems, they had to have a smoke.

These animals aren't Paris Hilton's Chihuahuas. They are workers, so give them a break! ' D. Griffiths, Central Point

TV report biased

Last Sunday, 125 committed pro-life men, women and children gathered for the annual Life Chain at the intersection of Biddle and McAndrews, where they silently prayed for one hour for an end to abortion. The event took place without incident.

— Life Chains across the nation simultaneously prayed for an end to abortion, and do so each year on this Sunday. which they have designated as Respect Life Sunday. This is the objective, factual account of what occurred, together with sufficient background information.

What was reported was different. Selena Davis, KOBI Channel 5 reporter, interviewed the local Life Chain coordinator, but her TV report of the event characterized the gathering as a group of people opposed to women's right to choose.

This sort of reporting is the reason many are unhappy with the news media and question what they hear and read. A reporter should be providing the reading public with an objective report of the events, free from personal opinion and bias.

If Ms. Davis wishes to infuse her reporting with her personal view on the matter, she should be working as commentator, not a reporter. ' Kris O'Driscoll, Jacksonville

Cyclists asking for trouble

Have the rules for bicyclists changed?

I was taught that bicycles were subject to the same rules as cars. Having seen several nonfatal accidents between bikes and cars I have to wonder.

At least 50 percent of all bikes are ridden on the sidewalk and of the others, which are on the roadway, nearly half of them are going the wrong way. Sooner or later someone's child is going to be killed and the driver will be blamed ' all because the children have not been taught the proper rules of the road.

When a driver is turning right from a side road or driveway he is looking left and not for a biker on his right. ' Virginia Kimball, Central Point