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Support Morris

It is a pleasure to support Michael Morris for the Ashland City Council. Mike has a proven record of working with others and listening to more than a single point of view.

We need a person who is not biased and will not prejudge issues before the council.

We need an independent voice to represent the people of Ashland.

We need Michael Morris. ' Rod and Susan Reid, Ashland

Vote for Buckley

These are truths:

I have known Peter Buckley for over two years. He is a man of integrity with a strong regard for others.

— Peter Buckley cares about our communities.

Peter will support legislation that builds on the strength of our region.

Peter also supports the thriving agriculture base that now includes world-class grapes and wine, among others.

Peter Buckley will definitely support a strong health-care industry.

Make your vote count for all of us.

Vote Peter Buckley for state representative. ' Tana Domecq-Davis, Jacksonville

Vote with care on 36

Are you conservative or moderate and thinking of voting yes on Constitutional Amendment 36? Think again. You may be voting against many of your core values.

Do you believe in supporting couples to form committed and responsible relationships? Then vote no. Do you want to protect families and not hurt them? Then vote no. Do you believe the Constitution should be used to protect rights, not restrict them? Then vote no. Do you believe in equal treatment for all? Then vote no. Do you believe it is wrong to turn religious beliefs into laws that restrict the equality of your neighbors? Then vote no. Do you believe that children are better off with two married parents? Then vote no.

Locking gay and lesbian couples out of marriage doesn't promote family values or social stability. It does the opposite, and hurts all in the long run. Vote no on 36. ' Mark MacDougall, Medford