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Vote for sidewalks

Children are our most precious resource. Each day many of these precious children are placed in harm's way walking to school on streets and roads without sidewalks. This may have been all right in the days before the proliferation of the automobile, but not today.

A friend relayed the following incident to me.

Several years ago the city added a sidewalk connecting 12th Street and Peach, a route used by many children walking to Washington School. My friend, who lives in that area, reported children gleefully skating, triking and scootering up and down that walk while shouting to passersby, Hey! Look! We have a sidewalk! Not only a safe walk to school, but pride in being valuable folks who deserved a sidewalk was evident with these kids.

Medford voters have a chance to show kids they are important by voting yes on Measure 15-60 for sidewalk construction. ' Vicki Keeney, Central Point

Debate disappointing

The first presidential debate was a disappointment. Both candidates chose to focus too narrowly.

Afterwards, I realized why I couldn't resolve the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time idea. Senator Kerry has repeatedly stated that he too would have invaded Iraq, only with more international support.

— The postwar situation is not ideal. The outcome was unpredictable. One can't know, in advance, every detail of battles or a postwar environment. Eisenhower's brilliance didn't insure the successes at Normandy, Omaha Beach, etc. Victory there was also by providential decisions by multiple German leaders.

Unless something dramatic emerges, President Bush gets the vote of this disabled Vietnam veteran. I'm thankful for his leadership.

Falsely inflated Internet stocks that plummeted and 9/11's overall impact seem mainly responsible for the economic problems that we're facing. President Bush didn't cause them, and the situation is improving (perhaps not as fast as some might want). ' Bob Calhoun, Medford

Supporting Torguson for council

Michael has proven leadership abilities. He was chairman of the board of trustees of the Medford Elks Lodge for over a year, and served on the governing board of the lodge for nearly three years. He is currently the vice-chair of the communications advisory committee. He has the experience in leadership roles to do great things for the city. Check out his Web page . ' Audrey Homler, Medford

Can't afford bond measures

I have been reading about the measures coming up that involve raising property taxes.

In 2004, my health insurance premiums went up so much that my take-home pay was less than in 2003. My husband is on Medicare and he ended up with a whopping &

36;5-a-month raise after his part B premiums went up.

Our money tree in the back yard is empty, so I am sorry, but we are not going to be able to vote yes on any of the property tax-raising bonds. We can barely afford to pay our property taxes now. Why are the people trying to hang on to their property always the ones expected to foot the bills? ' Susan Day, Medford

Voting for Buckley

My choice for House District 5 is Peter Buckley. He's energetic, able, positive and understands issues close to Oregonians, including having stable and generous funding for public education. Peter realizes the value of public education in the United States; his children go to school. He knows that democracy depends on an educated populace able to make important decisions; not having strong public schools is a long-term threat to our form of government.

He will work in Salem to stabilize Oregon's revenue as a way to solve fair and adequate funding for public education. Please join me in voting for Peter Buckley for the Oregon House. ' Vince Wixon, Ashland,

Thanks, Dan

I recently wrote: President Bush is liberating millions and the press is hostile. I want to thank CBS and Dan Rather for validating my statement. The willingness for CBS via Dan Rather to base a report on papers received from a known Bush-hater proves a political bias on their part.

CBS spent four years trying to discredit President Bush's record. Did CBS report the following: 1) President Bush joined because his dad was a pilot. 2) President Bush volunteered to go to Vietnam. Such sins of omission demonstrate a bias and failure to inform the hate-Bush crowd.

Many letters to the editor contained untruths when referring to President Bush's military record. Did those who parrot the untruths lie? No ' they did not intend to deceive. They are just uninformed and confused. There is no excuse for Dan Rather to be uninformed. President Bush is liberating millions and the press is hostile. ' Bill Hartley, Medford

No on 35

I am an attorney. I do not represent clients who have been injured by a doctor's negligence. Here are a few things to consider about Measure 35.

Why hasn't anyone asked doctors if their net income has decreased as a result of their malpractice premiums? You know the answer. The cost is passed on to the consumer.

Do you believe your health-care costs will be reduced by this measure, and that the savings will be passed on to you? Who might be the real beneficiary of this measure, surely not an insurance company?

This measure will accomplish only two things. First, it will increase the profits of insurance companies. Second, and more important, it will work an injustice on persons severely injured by medical negligence.

The jury system works in Oregon. Our Constitution does not need to be amended. Vote no on 35. ' Douglas J. Richmond, attorney at law, Medford

Go home

Having lived under every administration since Truman, I see this election as the most important election in my lifetime.

It is foolish to believe that if elected, W and company will change from business as usual.

This election will influence the lives of my grandchildren and their children. It will reshape the Supreme Court for at least two decades.

I believe that an invasion or massive air strikes against Iran are at least a tentative game plan.

Don Rumsfeld is calling for closure of European bases that will free up 70,000 U.S. troops. One look at the Middle East should tell you where they will be headed.

I, and many in my position, cannot afford four more years of this administration's type of compassion. Go Bush! Go Cheney! Go home! ' Wayne R. Martin, Medford

Voting for Morris

We believe Michael Morris will be an excellent member of the Ashland City Council. We've had the privilege of living next door to Mike and you could not ask for a better neighbor. He is honest, sincere, helpful and down-to-earth.

Our neighborhood is a better and safer place for having him here. We think he would bring those same attributes to the City Council. He has our vote and we hope that you will give him your serious consideration. ' Mary and Amy Hopkins, Ashland