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Letters to the editor

Jim Wright equals solutions

Jim Wright has been building this community all his life.

When the Mount Ashland ski area faced closure it was Jim that supplied the spark to organize the private funding to put the area in public ownership. In the 1990s Jackson County needed new libraries, a new juvenile center, to complete the Greenway and to build an amphitheater at Expo. Jim agreed to chair the committee that would develop the priorities and create the finance plan.

Hundreds of people got involved in these projects, but it was Jim's committee that got the diverse interests to common agreement. When Asante needed to rebuild to accommodate the growing population, there was Jim, chairman of the board.

This doesn't speak to his role as an employer of a company with family-wage jobs. Jim is a builder, a problem-solver, a devoted citizen of this valley he has called home all of his life. ' Burke Raymond, Medford

Send Buckley to Salem

In the best of times, Southern Oregon is a neglected stepchild in statewide politics. As Salem slashes budgets and politicians pander to negativity, our interests are at even greater risk. For example, education is critically important as we struggle to build a stronger economy. But our schools 'from kindergarten through community college to university ' are firing teachers, eliminating courses and erasing opportunities..

In his recent campaign for Congress and in the primary contest for the current election, Peter Buckley showed us two things. First, he is fearless. Peter will go anywhere in this county or this state to bring people together around issues, like education, that unite us. Second, he is tireless. No matter how steep the political mountain, Peter will eventually get to the top.

— I urge you to join me in sending Peter Buckley to Salem as District 5 representative in the Oregon Legislature. ' Diarmuid McGuire, Ashland

Not a surprise

The Mail Tribune editorial of Oct. 8 states that it's a surprise even to you that you endorse John Doty rather then Sal Esquivel for a state legislative seat.

It's a surprise to you because you couldn't even convince yourself that it was right. Your choice is not really a surprise to the rest of us.

The only reason you could give to vote for Mr. Doty is because he is a teacher? And you want us to take your editorials seriously?

Sal Esquivel not only has already been doing the job but he also has a distinguished history of public service in our community. ' Kathy Hathaway, Medford

Vote for Doty

John Doty, candidate for House of Representatives District 6, is a man of common sense, commitment and vision. He sees that Oregon's political scene needs restructuring, redefining and redirection. There is much work to be done and John is ready to dedicate himself, wholeheartedly, to seeing his vision become a reality.

Please, join me and vote for John Doty for House of Representatives district 6. ' Marlyn Mason, Medford

Vote for Sal

I worked on the Playground for Kids committee for two years with Sal as our leader. He did an awesome job of leading and working with that committee to establish four new playgrounds in the Medford elementary schools.

Sal also served on the Medford City Council for a number of years and did a fine job representing the citizens in his ward.

Sal is an ex-Tornado baseball player. While playing high-school sports he learned all those lessons of being a team player that carry over to real-life situations.

With his background I am sure he will represent the Southern Oregon team of citizens wholeheartedly and be committed to doing the best job possible for us. ' Jim McAbee, Medford

Bush ignores science

As a scientist who worked for three federal agencies, I've been shocked by Bush's misuse of science to advance inappropriate energy, health, and environmental policies. In a decision against this administration's misuse of science (MT Aug. 12), Judge Henderson said: the record is replete with evidence that the secretary was influenced by policy concerns unrelated to the best available science.

In February, 20 Nobel laureates expressed concern about Bush's unprecedented record of ignoring scientific facts. By July, more than 5,000 leading scientists added their voices to the charge.

A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (Scientific Integrity in Policymaking) documents Bush's scientific abuses. Their Web site, , contains examples of how this administration willfully spins, manipulates and suppresses scientific facts for political gains.

Science can be one of our strongest allies to solve complex problems. Bush ignores science while living in a fantasy world. We need Kerry as president. ' Jack E. Williams, Medford

Wright lost credibility

We have certainly become used to the negative ads, stretched truths and outright lies in the national campaigns, but with the exception of juvenile sign swiping, local campaigns have been refreshingly focused on issues and candidate qualifications. Until last week.

To blanket the county with a mailer featuring an opponent's comment from which the major defining words have been eliminated, with the sole purpose to intentionally distort, is pretty stupid. That's what Jim Wright did. In this shabby attempt to discredit a respected opponent, he lost immense credibility. Thank goodness, the Mail Tribune published the whole sentence (Wednesday, Sept. 29).

This country badly needs politicians who stay on the high ground. Dr. Alan Bates has served us thoughtfully and well in the Oregon Legislature, and he is clearly the man to send back to Salem as state senator. ' Gail Beason, Talent

No on 36

In response to Larry Jung's letter of Oct. 3:

1. Most American Southerners believed slavery should be legal and that African-Americans should be prevented from voting. That did not make it right or, for that matter, constitutional.

2. Proposition 36 inserts language into the Oregon Constitution that discriminates against a group of Americans who are clearly protected by the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment. Please check out the 14th Amendment in your reference books, your computer or our county's fabulous new libraries.

3. Imagine, if gays and lesbians have equal rights, then all law-abiding citizens will have them. What a catastrophe, huh?

Please vote no on Measure 36. It's ugly. ' Jim Willeford, Medford

Doty the best candidate

As an independent voter, I don't make my decisions based on party affiliations. I thoroughly research the issues and the candidates.

Sal Esquivel repeatedly says that Oregon should be run like a business. Yet by his own admission his experience running a business resulted in bankruptcy. His website talks about what he sees as being important to Medford, yet he offers no solutions or real understanding of what can be done.

John Doty has never been elected to any office, yet the information on his website shows years of experience with the issues. John is committed to building solutions ' he finds success for his high-risk students when entire school districts have given up.

I feel fortunate to have a bright, energetic, knowledgeable alternative to the typical politician. John Doty is clearly the best candidate to serve the people of Medford. ' Sunny Schneider, Medford